Welcome to your Classroom of the Future, ClassDojo

Do you wish there was a way you would get more information about your kid’s school activities? Welcome to ClassDojo. It is a communication platform that makes sharing of information between teachers, parents, and students easier and transparent. Adopting an anytime, anywhere classroom approach, you can follow proceedings going on at school all the time.

Recently the startup managed to raise $21million in venture capital in a Series B round led by General Catalyst, bringing their total funding to over $31million. They are using this to grow more features to encourage parents’ participation on the platform. The platform empowers users to connect and share information such as student activity schedules, class reports, photos showing status and progress.  Read more about this on angel.co.

It is important to monitor student progress to effect any changes that might be necessary to their daily activities as early on as possible in the curriculum. Major changes in student life are traditionally handled by calling for face-to-face meetings between the students, teachers, and parents. This could be a thing of the past as consultative meetings complete with documentation support can be handled on the platform. This not only allows savings on time and money but also ensures quicker and productive resolution of student issues.

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ClassDojo began as a novel invention in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary as CEO, and Liam Don, the as CTO.  The app aims to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. It is used by more than 85,000 schools with users from kindergarten to 8th grade. ClassDojo is looking to expand its presence and turn a profit with premium features that parents can opt to pay for.

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The platform works to make classrooms transparent learning places with direct real-time interactions with parents, teachers, and peers on the same platform. The education technology startup is made up of experienced technology industry professionals with a deep understanding of the issues around public and private school systems.

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