Bien Cuit Style Will Be Available To All Cooks With New Book Deal

Bien Cuit, one of the most well-reputed bakers in the world has made headlines as they move forward by signing a book deal with Simon and Schuster. With this new deal, Bien Cuit’s approach to baking bread will be shared in bookstores across the nation. Zachary Golper, the renowned chef has baked many loaves in the bien cuit fashion, which is French for well baked.

Sticking to the old fashioned way of baking with slower baking, which allows for better fermentation, the results is bread which is richer and more flavorful, according to the many satisfied patrons of the restaurants who serve his breads. reports Golper will be offering 50 recipes in his cookbook and that these will be about his simple way to make delicious breads. Golper holds to the philosophy, proven by his own demonstrations, that simplicity makes great breads and pastries.

Golper is from Oregon farm country where he learned to make bread as a journeyman. He moved on to cook for some of the best kitchens in North and South America. Eventually, he opened his own bakery in New York City, in the heart of the food scene. Matt Landis thinks that place is dope. He has never rested in his quest to perfect his art. His sharing of this art by his book will be available in October. Soon more will have the opportunity to try his recipes for rolls, quick breads and even sourdough.