Thor Halvorssen: Rock Star Of Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a rock star. The man has quite an interesting story and his actions are incredibly altruistic. And it is surprising to read that he is so passionate about human rights after he grew up so well-off. The news is so often full of wealthy people taking advantage of economic situations, the environment and human rights in order to turn a profit. But Halvorssen is different, and we should all celebrate that fact.

The 40-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation comes from a wealthy Norwegian family. His father, working for the Norwegian government in Venezuela, met his mother in South America. They raised their son to speak flawless American English and sent them to college in the United States.

As a freshman in college in Pennsylvania, his father was thrown into jail by the authoritarian dictator of Venezuela. His father was beaten for more than 72 days while a young Thor Halvorssen worked to secure his release alongside international human rights foundations. It was eventually successful.

This sparked an interest in human rights deep within Thor Halvorssen. As a young man in 1999, he led a march on the Lucent Technologies building. Lucent Technologies was using slave labor in China to produce its goods. Thor Halvorssen and his protesters demanded that the company stop using slave labor. They were successful right away. The company signed paperwork guaranteeing that all their goods made in China would be slave labor free.

Thor Halvorssen then went to work for a conservative educational foundation. He fought for the rights of families and individuals to choose their own path in the educational world. This may lead you to believe that the human rights advocate is a conservative, but you would be misled. Thor only cares about human rights.

There are many ways to guarantee quality human rights for a population on both sides of the aisle. When given a political choice, Thor Halvorssen always sides with the politician guaranteeing equality, fair treatment and transparency. It is what led the human rights activist to donate the maximum amount to the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. for more.

Thor Halvorssen’s Nuanced Political Views

Thor Halvorssen wants to educate you about how governments run. There is a whole lot of noise out there perpetuated by the mainstream media that makes it sound like there are only two sides — conservative and liberal. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many ways to run the government and there are dozens of different types of governments across the planet. And while we could sit here and argue about what type of government is best, there is no disputing the ingredients for governmental catastrophe.

Thor Halvorssen, the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation, brought this to my attention in a compelling Fox News interview last year. The interview was full of confusion. Fox News seemingly brought the human rights activist on in order to bash Bernie Sanders and his democratic socialist agenda.

You see, Thor Halvorssen’s father was taken political prisoner in Venezuela when he was a freshmen in college. His father was held for more than 70 days and beaten during his imprisonment. The government of Venezuela at the time just so happen to be socialist. Fox News assumed that Thor Halvorssen hated socialism because of this experience. They were wrong.

It seems that the human rights activist is actually fairly conservative. During the interview, he expressed his belief in free-market capitalism. But he blew everybody away, including me, when he said that he donated the maximum amount to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. He then went on to say that socialism itself is not a danger. That’s when he laid down the rules for governmental catastrophe, and I so happen to agree with him.

Real governing problems stem from a lack of separation of powers. Here in the United States, we have three distinct branches of federal government — judicial, legislative and executive — each with its own special sets of powers. Some of these powers overlap to become checks and balances. But a lack of separation of powers and checks and balances is the recipe for disaster. This is when authoritarians abuse human rights with unchecked, unilateral power. This is what we should all despise.

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