Holiday Traditions You Love and Actually Really Like

The holiday season is always full of things to do, places to go and people to see, but after you have finished all the shopping, you can take time for some of these great traditions. In fact, it’s really OK to choose four or five to do right now. This is the season to be jolly – Hohoho! I was reading about some fun traditions the other day while reading about Ken Griffin.

1. On Christmas, the whole family wears matching outfits.
2. Wrapping all your gifts with extravagant wrapping techniques, so everyone knows they’re yours. Remember, it may take 25 minutes to wrap, but it will take 15 seconds to unwrap.
3. Taking all those strings of lights you have stashed in the garage, and using your light string talents to decorate the house.
4. Unexpected gifts fro far away relatives who haven’t a clue.
5. Holiday fruitcake is exchanged for anything else.
6. Setting the Christmas upright after the cat has knocked it over for the fifth time.
7. Watching to see who drinks the most eggnog; it’s always wacky aunt Sally.
8. Spending some quality time with the family; it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them.
9. Taking a quality pic with Santa. Include the kids if you want to.
10. Sing Silent Night just one more time – ’cause all is really alright.