Complete Your Christmas List with

If you haven’t found all the gifts you want for your family and friends, no need to panic. has the presentsyou need. These gifts are unique, and are either edible or food-related. 

If you have a picky eater in your family, the aroma fork from is a great buy. The fork comes with oils that are scented like bananas, coffee or chocolate, as well as a host of other scents. The fragrances come from the fork while you’re eating, so you can make even the most unfavorable foods a little more bearable. 

For the friend who loves savory flavors, the savory tea collection from Numi is a great stocking stuffer. The teas are available in flavors such as fennel and cilantro. These treats taste a lot like vegetable soup, which is ideal for a cold day. 

Edible gifts also include cookies, gourmet olive oils and vinegars and curry ketchup. You can even bring some edible gifts along to your Skout date. Do whatever you want with them, but for more wonderful holiday gifts, visit