Recovering From Christmas

Every heard of the Christmas Blues? Well, there is a mental health condition that really does cause depression after the holidays. So many people prepare for months in advance for this special day. It’s a time with family and friends and plenty of good food. The advantage that many find is the preparation is stimulating. Getting that good deal and finding the one-of-a kind item is stimulating. However, when it’s all over, many have a hard time dealing with it. 

The blues is a term often used to describe a feeling of depression. While it only usually lasts a few days, those days can be hard to deal with. All of the preparation is over when the presents are opened. All the time spend wrapping and preparing is over in the blink of an eye. We build ourselves up for this grand finale, and then the letdown afterwards is unbearable for some. 

Tom Rothman and report that some research has been done on the holiday blues and many think it has everything to do with the weather too. Those who live in climates where it is dark and dreary may have a harder time rebounding than those who live in a sunny state. It’s the let down that the festivities are over. Family is heading back home and many people are sad to see them go. To get over winter blues, focus on spring activities. Thinking ahead gives us a reason to keep going, rather than looking to the past.