Life Line Screening, a Champion in Timely Diagnosis of Asymptomatic Diseases

Life Line screening is a top provider of preventive healthcare screening in the United States of America. Founded in 1993, the company has been on the front line in helping patients to identify asymptomatic risks and enabling them to seek medical attention early enough before the diseases advance to critical stages. The screening is done at the community level with highly skilled professional who employ state-of-the-art ultrasound machines rivaling those found in well-equipped hospitals.

According to Dr. Andrew Manganaro, who serves as the Chief Medical officer of the company, the idea to establish Life Line Screenings was driven by the suffering of patients with asymptomatic diseases he witnessed while working as cardiovascular surgeon. Asymptomatic conditions can be prevented as long as they are diagnosed early. Thus, Life Line Screenings was formed to offer quick, safe, painless, non-invasive preventive screenings that identify stroke, carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and carotid artery disease among other risks, to permit timely treatment.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro insists that persistence and hard work are the key pillars to successful entrepreneur pursuits. He is charged with the responsibility of quality assurance and managing the clinical department. Besides, stirring research activities, Dr. Manganaro is also the supervisor of board certified reading physicians.

The number of consumers of Life Line Screenings services continues to grow and Dr. Manganaro projects that the trend with go on in the future. The continued surge in customer-base is attributed to robust marketing techniques employed by the company and the increased use of advanced technology in screenings. Life Line screenings has also managed to secure support from a large number of vascularists.

Life Line Screenings offers three main type of preventive screenings. Finger-stick blood screenings, this test is done in order to identify risk factor that cause diabetes or heart diseases. Limited electrocardiograph is another important diagnosis that aims at detecting irregular heartbeat, which is linked to stroke. The company also uses advanced Doppler color flow ultrasound technology to conduct Ultrasound screenings that reveal accurate images of body structures. The results from these screenings are shared with the patient’s doctor and the scientific community.


The Nobilis Healthcare company

Nobilis Health Company is a healthcare that offers great development and management services in full. It really looks forward to offering advanced medical care and offer great services to patients at lower and affordable costs having gathered much experience. Nobilis holds a great objective in providing increased opportunities to their physician partners. They are also greatly focused in enhancing organic growth, good operating procedures and market by improving profitability rates. This will see to it that patients get high standard care and will work to the benefit of both the surgeons and Nobilis as a whole. Northstar healthcare is initially what changed to Nobilis. This would work in reduction of confusion that would come later on companies using the same name in the USA. Physicians work together with it in owning and managing healthcare facilities and services located in different areas. Northstar places ownership and management of interests in five major centers. These are located in Dallas, Houston and Scottsdale, Arizona. An acute care hospital, an urgent care clinic and two imaging centers in Houston are also owned and managed by Northstar. Northstar, now the Nobilis Health, holds great expectations in the company and has gone a step further to express their anticipation of carried out operations. However, all this information stands out as expected by law since they can’t be guarantees of what happens in future. This is due to the risks and uncertainties that may emerge during the company’s progress. Nobilis Health goes further to carry out researches on traditional and good marketing channels. This has immensely assisted in realization of the correct mix to create awareness and educate their patients. As per their current campaigns, they have engaged tactics at both professional and consumer levels. This is meant to help them in identification and involvement of the right people for each of their programs.