Investigation Reveals Whole Foods Is Overcharging Customers

When people shop at their local grocery stores they expect to get what the label says they are getting. If the label says three pounds of meat, then they expect to get three pounds of meat, not two and a half, but three. Unfortunately it was found out that the customer is not always getting what they pay for.

An investigation on the grocery chain Whole Foods is now complete and it revealed some disturbing news. The grocery chain is ripping their customers off by overcharging them. The investigation was conducted on over 100 stores around New York. The store chain with the most violations was Whole Foods. The inspectors weighed over 80 different packages of meat and every single label was wrong. Most of the time the scales revealed that the customer was indeed being overcharged.

For many consumers it is bad enough to know what they are paying for, they are already feeling overcharged says Jaime Garcia Dias. To not know is something different entirely. Whole Foods will have some explaining to do. It could be found that it is a technical issue, weights and scales do break down from time to time. How the store reacts to the news, and what they plan to do about it will reveal to their customers if they should take their business elsewhere.

Tom Parks Wants to Help Others

A 24 year-old woman named Molly Parks from Maine recently passed away reports Ray Lane of NBC. This young woman lost her life from a drug overdose while on heroin. After Molly passed away, her family was devastated, but sadly they were not surprised. Molly’s father Tom Parks said that he’s going to do things different with his daughter’s death. Tom said that he won’t hide how his daughter died, and he will tell the world the truth. Tom wants to help others by letting the world know how dangerous drugs can be.

Tom Parks wrote a blunt obituary about his daughter, and he confessed that his daughter died from drugs. Tom said that Molly has done drugs for about 5-years, and she had many near death experiences before. Right before Molly died, she quit college because she was so focused on doing drugs. Molly’s addiction got worse, and she ruined her life because of the choices that she made. Tom said that Molly was a regular girl growing up, and she loved red lipstick and Harry Potter. Tom Sparks told Facebook users to help anyone they can. Tom’s message has gone viral, and he hopes his message will save people. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Chipotle Is Now A No GMO Zone

Steve Ellis, Co-CEO of Chipotle has announced that there are no longer any genetically modified ingredients in their foods. Not one single item will have GMOs. This is a first in the fast food industry and an achievement that Chipotle has been working toward for years. The wait came due to suppliers need to grow crops which are non-GMO. Sultan Alhokair stated that while ingredients are safe, people would rather have food that is GMO-free.

Reported in Grubstreet, Chipotle took the lead to label items that contain GMOs. This was voluntarily done, starting two years ago. Major changes have been to change to GMO-free corn and from soybean oil to GMO-free sunflower oil, rice bran oil, and canola oil. The beef comes from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle. CNN reported that pork and chicken are still from animals who eat from a GMO diet, for now.

The greatest challenge was to find a substitute for soybean oil. Lard was not an option due to vegetarian diets. Palm oil was rejected because of the impact of the environment. Canola oil costs more and may explain the price increases to come later in this year.

Alcohol Is Not as Bad for Us as Some Maintain

America has a strong historical strain of alcohol abstinence. We felt so strongly about it at one point that we actually amended our nation’s founding, governing document to try to ban it. The draw of alcohol proved too powerful, however, and prohibition became the only amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ever be repealed. Spirits, as they are sometimes called, are simply too ingrained in, not only our country’s history, but the history of human civilization. The root of temperance movements and efforts to either ban or get people to willingly abstain from alcohol is the belief that it is bad for us. Some maintain that it is bad for us in a behavioral sense, and that may be true for some given how they act after drinking as Ray Lane shows in videos of bar activity. This is also influenced by how much someone drinks. There is also the common belief that drinking is unhealthy, and this has been proven to be false.

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard that moderate drinking, or even a little more than moderate drinking, is good for you, and yet this is what the scientific data tell us. People who have a couple drinks a day actually have significantly lower risks for heart disease than those who abstain. In fact, moderate drinkers have a lower risk of death from all causes than abstainers. You certainly don’t hear much about this from the health or medical establishment, and it is time for that to change.