Nobilis Health; The Best Option for Health Care Services

The change in climatic conditions and lifestyle are some of the factors increasing the demand of health care service. Regular checkup is recommended for even the healthy people to diagnose, and treat diseases in their early stages. Hospitals require modern equipment, and trained personnel to run smoothly. Despite being the largest industry in the world, Health Care Sector has many care centers and hospitals that do not meet the required standards. However, some of the companies stand out, they have invested a lot in ensuring human life is protected. The Affordable Care Act introduced in the year 2014, has started revolutionizing the health care industry. Nobilis Health, previously called Northstar Healthcare, is a heal care facility specializing in provision of quality care services. The change of name was a move to distinguish itself from other companies bearing similar name in its location Texas, Houston. It manages 10 health care facilities composed of acute and ambulatory care amenities based in Texas and Arizona. They include; Houston –based surgical hospital, emergency care center, 2MRI centers and six ambulatory centers. Houston has three ambulatory centers; Dallas has two while Scottsdale and Arizona have one each. The facilities are equipped with up to date machines and equipment. The company has an excellent collective leadership expertise of developing, and managing more than 100 surgical centers. They diagnose, and treat wide range of diseases. The company has been busy merging, and buying out other health care facilities to enhance the quality of care services provided to its patients. Nobilis Health focuses on making care services readily available to patients, to avoid unnecessary loss of life. Therefore, to increase coverage they have collaborated with six facilities located in Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, and Arizona on contractual basis. Their employees are highly trained and qualified. They are all certified and insured by the relevant bodies. The company is a strong advocate of personal development of employees. It organizes conferences, workshops, and training to ensure staffs are at per with emerging trends in the health sector. Nobilis has experienced tremendous success in terms of revenue increase, and inflation in number of patients. It is evident, their personalized and result oriented care service is bearing fruits. Nobilis announced on April 2, 2015 that it had secured a $25 million financing deal with Healthcare Financial Services, GE Capital. The fund will be used to clear previous debts, and the $12m million outstanding balance in the acquisition of Athas Health. The deal helped to achieve the company’s goal earlier than expected. Operational excellence has now been enhanced while reducing both the borrowing, and operational cost. The company now owns North American Spine hence provides a wide scope of therapy, and treatment of spinal cords. The spine surgeons are University qualified, and board certified. Nobilis offers consultation services to individuals, small, and medium companies in the health sector. Their website is regularly updated with well-researched and articulated reports and journals. It also provides a platform for patients, and interested clients to interact with Nobilis’ professionals. It has channeled resources in developing and launching of new technologies.