Not Funny Try Tipping Those Actually Responsible for Your Meal for Once

According to Art market Monitor, Comedian Amy Schumer left a 1000% tip for a server on a $49 bill. That adds up to be 500 dollars. She seems to be giving the notorious tipping for Jesus. They dropped 5000 dollars on a $368 bill. I have been a cook for years and can tell you this sucks! I work the back of the house showing up to either open or close the restaurant. My job includes prepping all the food for the day, cooking every order that comes in to perfection and cleaning down the entire kitchen making it sanitary and safe for the next day as well as maintaining it through the day. Your servers work so hard that you tip these insane amounts. WRONG! Your cook gets no respect! If the food is late, does not taste good, or has bad plate presentation your server won’t get a good tip maybe not a tip at all. Yet if the cook is on it and produces perfect high quality every time the servers have happy customers and their tips reflect. Cooks get nothing. Half the times not even a thank you. The next time you people want to tip big remember it took a Host or hostess, a server, a cook and a manager to make your experience as good as it was. Most cooks are actually the lowest paid workers in the store. Tip them sometimes!