Economic Experts such as George Soros and Former Mint Director Phillip Diehl Recommend Investing in Gold Coins

It is truly a growing group. Experts the world over are beginning to realize that the best way to safeguard an investment is to buy gold coins. Diverse individuals such as billionaire George Soros and former Mint Director Philip Diehl each agree on this principle. As a matter of face, Diehl was interviewed over a podcast network and invited to share his views about the benefits of owning gold coins, and here is a summary of that interview.
Philip Diehl was first of all asked how is his leadership background with the U.S. Mint qualified him as the president of the U.S. Money Reserve. He said that his experience as the 35th director of the U.S. Mint equipped him for his current position because it introduced him to the whole fascinating world of bullion coins. He said that the U.S. Mint sells the most bullion coins in the world.
The next question Mr. Diehl was asked was regarding what he considered the most rewarding aspect of his job. He responded by noting how he has made a gallant attempt to establish a high level of commitment among himself and his associates. They all desire to establish an effect customer service policy, and Diehl elaborated on that by noting that his firm has one of the best return policies in the business.

Another question that Philip Diehl fielded was in regards to how the U.S. Money Reserve differentiates itself from its competitors. He responded by noting how again, he felt it was because of their superior commitment to customer service. He said that he keeps extremely busy serving on a number of different boards and thus he had the opportunity to thoroughly study his competition. He said that the U.S. Money Reserve depends very strongly on the bullion that has been produced by the U.S. Mint. He was also asked why a person should own gold produced by the U.S. instead of just regular gold bars, and Diehl said that the main reason is because the gold is legal tender and has the most potential to experience a significant increase in price.

Diehl has had a long history in the numismatic fields. Prior to his work with the mint he served as chief of staff of U.S. Treasury Department and as a staff director for many different finance committees. He has much experience in precious metals. To listen to more of this podcast, simply click here.

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According to the epodcastnetwork, the U.S Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metal industries in the nation. It was pioneered by famous gold merchants in the United States after they realized the need to give customers high-quality services that match their demand in the valuable metal industry. They offer customer-driven services that are trusted by their clients and expertise advice based on the market knowledge. They have an extensive customer base that enjoys the excellent services and benefits provided by the company in the valuable metal industry. They have hundreds of thousand customers enjoying their services. They are the best sellers of U.S government graded and certified coins. The company is rated the best by Business Consumer Alliance and AAA.
All along since it was initiated, the company has assisted its clients to make good choices of high valuable coins that the can afford and hence make large profits at the end. The customers have great confidence and trust in the company since it enjoys the backing of the United States government that issues the coins distributed such as gold, platinum and silver. The Reserve has employed professionals who are well versed in financial matters and have gained vast experience from other financial institutions and, therefore, are able to provide excellent services that satisfy their customers. They are trained in excellent customer services and advice the clients to make informed decisions that lead to high profits. They have also employed enough staff that is well remunerated and motivated in a conducive environment that enables them to offer excellent services to clients. Over the years, they have strived to give the best services.
Some of the professionals include: Inventory Department that deals with records, Senior Gold Specialist that checks weight and purity of gold, Coin Research Professionals, Industry Leading Numismatic Experts, Compliance and Standards Department, Vault and Shipping Department, Business support Professionals and Sales verification Personnel. Equipped with knowledge, experience, professionalism and interest to serve their clients, the staff has made U.S Money Reserve to emerge one of the best company that is growing very first in the financial industry.
With the leadership of Mr. Diehl as the director the company has clinched the market and managed to enjoy the large pool of customers without challenges. There has been a real transition in the leadership of the company even in the other levels of leadership. The company continues to make success by coming up with new business strategies that are quality oriented.