New Zealand Meltdown

New Zealand is known for its majestic landscape and its natural beauty. Even though the country is considerably small next to the continent of Australia, what it lacks in size it makes up for in gorgeous natural wonders. The country is comprised of 2 islands and is completely surrounded by water. Both islands, ironically enough, have volcanoes and glaciers. While the volcanoes have remained peaceful, the glaciers have been taking a hit.

Glaciers are one of the only land masses that constantly change regardless of what continent it is on. The Fox Glacier on the west coast of New Zealand’s southern island is melting at a considerably rapid pace. The melting glacier is leaving the underlying rock walls exposed. The rock walls, which haven’t been seen in hundreds of years, are starting to become unstable. Without the ice to keep its structure, locals are sure what to expect.

This is a problem for tourist attractions on the glaciers. Tourists are no longer permitted to climb them for obvious safety concerns. New Zealand is doing all it can do to keep the structures from causing anyone harm but they are unpredictable. Never in the country’s history have glaciers melted as fast as they have in recent years.

New Zealand isn’t worried about losing the interest of travelers. Steve Murray suggests the country is beautiful enough that tourists can enjoy the volcanoes, beaches, or visit local tourist spots. The country is more concerned about what these glaciers might do in the next few years. If they keep melting, the chance that they will endanger the lives of their citizens will stay high. Through exploration of the rock walls, the country plans on getting a better understanding of the problem in the very near future.