The Man with the Free Food

You do not have to be an extraordinary person to do extraordinary acts of kindness. These heroes who are doing what they can to help those in need inspire the rest of us to do better. Azhar Maqsusi is a businessman in Hyderabad. Sam Tabar suggests that homeless people in his region have been getting blessed by Azhar’s acts of kindness for many years. For the last three years, Azhar has been feeding the homeless people of his region financed by his own money. The Dabeerpaur

Bridge in Hyberabad is the place where homeless people show up every afternoon to receive Azhar’s act of kindness. These people find their own plates, they wash them, and then they wait patiently in line to get a free and hot meal. Azhar recalled what initially made him start his selfless adventure. After driving home from work one day one of his tires popped. Instead of calling a mechanic to come and tow his car Azhar took the train home. He met a woman who had both feet amputated and who was sitting under the bridge crying out and asking for food and not money.

Azhar immediately gave her the food that he had packed for lunch that day and empathized with the woman. When Azhar was four, his father had died. It took a lot for his brother to raise him and his siblings and he couldn’t help but remember what it was like going to bed hungry. Azhar continues to make sure that no one in his neighborhood has to go through what he went through.