Insurance Brokerage First Equity’s Specialties

First Equity is an insurance brokerage based in the Johannesburg area of South Africa. the company was co-founded by Seamus Casserly and Vis Govender. Both have a long history of experience in the insurance field with senior executive experience. This brokerage offers a complete portfolio of insurance ranging from personal lines, commercial lines, tourism, too professional. They have partnered with some of the biggest insurance companies in the world including such international companies as Zurich, Lloyds, and Santam.

In their personal lines department First Equity insures homes and autos. Their policies insure against sudden and accidental damage such as fires, storms, and hail. First Equity’s Corporate and Commercial division operates in an advisory capacity. The company can assess unique risk profiles and match it with the insurance companies they have partnered with in order to meet a client companies specific needs.

First Equity specializes in offering Professional Indemnity policies to the professional market, which they have been serving for over 30 years. By focusing on this market they have attracted thousands of clients that has placed their Professional Indemnity policies with them. First Equity can offer policies in a wide variety of professions including accounting, medical, media, financial services, architecture, engineering, and many other professions as well. Anyone who advises or offers services to clients and could be held legally accountable for doing so is someone that First Equity can help protect against financial loss resulting from a legal claim against them.

In their tourism division First Equity also specializes in offering policies to those in the Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure, and Wildlife sectors. These policies are placed with Satib, a South African company well versed in dealing with these sectors and is A+ rated. Between Satib and First Equity clients are expertly placed into policies that match their individualized needs.

Alternative Financing in Equity Lenders

Equity First Holdings is a Global Leader in the provision of Alternative finance solutions. The company employs the process of awarding loans based on stock. This kind of financing is mostly adopted by borrowers who are in need of quick cash. Institutions, organizations, and individuals of high net worth also seek this mode of funding. Conventional financing institutions have tightened their lending criteria and consequently locking out customers in need of non-purpose capital. As a result, Equity lending institutions, from which Equity First is among, are gaining popularity as an alternative method of acquiring finances.

The Founder and CEO of Equity First Holdings, Al Christy says that even with some options being left for these kinds of customers, the conventional lender has continued to cut the lending options for them. The banks have further, increased their interest rates and introduced strict loan qualification rules. Equity First Holdings was founded with the idea of serving these underserved clients.

Christy says that loans collateralized by stock are an alternative method of acquiring working capital. These kinds of loans offer a fixed interest rate unlike those from banks where the interest rates keep fluctuating from time to time. The loans from Equity lenders also have a higher Loan to Value ratio as compared to margin loans. While awarding these loans, a non-recourse feature is included that allows a client to pull out from the stock loan at any point. Under this feature, the client can keep the initial proceeds and has no further obligation to the Equity Lender.

Borrowing from Equity First Limited guarantees you first class customer care. Unlike in conventional lending where the lenders can liquidate the clients’ assets without warning, Equity lenders ensures the stock stays intact and borrowers can pull out from the deal if the stock value decreases. However, in all kind of financial transactions, there is risk involved. Equity First Holdings have partnered with the best Legal advisors in the financial industry to ensure Growth and customer satisfaction.

The company is also built on a foundation of Integrity and transparency. The company has set out to deliver benefits to its clients with a guarantee of minimum Risk.

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