Norka Luque’s Life and Musical Career

Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque is a Venezuelan Latin and pop singer born in Caracas. Norka has a solid musical background as well as a strong passion for music. As a child, she learned and played the piano. Music theory, Spanish flamenco, ballet dancing, and music lessons also dominated her early childhood and teenage musical background.

Her success in the music industry was obvious right from her childhood. She started winning awards at a young age; Norka won local as well as national contests like the Golden Voice. After completing her early education in Venezuela, she traveled to France to pursue higher education. She majored in business. While in France, Norka kept in touch with her singing ambitions by joining a band called Bad Moon Rising. Norka says that her time with the band acted as a learning experience.

Norka Luque moved to the United States after completing her studies. She knew that she had better chances of being recognized while in the US. Upon her arrival in the United States, she expanded her knowledge by studying culinary arts, marketing, and fashion. Miami being a hub of musicians, it did not take her long to meet the renowned producer, Emilio Estefan Jr.

Norka gave Emilio samples of her work, and Emilio was instantly fascinated. He saw great potential in the beautiful Norka. After a few days, Emilio asked Norka to join him in the studio. Norka’s first single “As You Do It” was released in 2011. This song was written by the popular songwriter Archie Pena. During the same year, Norka got nominated for the award of best female Latin pop artist.

In 2012, following her success with “As You Do It,” Norka released yet another single dubbed “Miracle.” The song smashed Venezuelan charts. For almost four straight months, the song was at the top position in the country. The dance version of “As You Do It” also did well on the charts. Archie Pena wrote the single as well. The song is a blend of different genres including rock and roll, reggae, pop, and some elements of Mediterranean beats.

Tomorrowland is her latest single. So far, the song has been received warmly by the music community. The song is of dance and electronic genres. Norka is following in the footsteps of artists such as Shakira who crossed over into the mainstream music scene. Her music is being played both in her home country and the United States. Follow Norka on Facebook to stay up-to-date on concerts and other fun events!