Again, McDonald’s Tries to Improve Sales

Recently, McDonald’s has tried a few different ways to boost sales and increase profits for the restaurant chain. In May, they introduced a couple of new menu items including the third-pound sirloin burgers and an artisan chicken sandwich. Unfortunately, sales were still stagnant at the end of the month.

FreedomPop also reported that McDonald’s also tried getting more business with a new advertising campaign, which featured a grown up hamburgular, to promote their new items. Again, this tactic failed with an over 2% decrease in profits last month. Now, the company is moving in a different direction in hopes to get better results.

The fast food giant has decided to hire Robert Gibbs to lead communications for McDonald’s. This former press secretary for the White House will serve as chief communications officer for the company. The company hopes that with Gibbs’ experience with public and government affairs, he will lead the company to increases in profits and revenue overall.