Burger King In Japan Is More Expensive Than Meth

Some disturbing news out of Asia is that now it is much cheaper to purchase meth than it does to buy a meal at Burger King. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater.com, the fast food chain costs about $5 in American money for a meal as opposed to a pill form of the drug that ranges about $2 to $2.50. That means that all of those poor people who are unfortunately hooked on the substance will likely spend their funds on getting another dose of the drug as opposed to buying food that will feed them.

It is truly a shame that drugs are this big of a problem in our world. Daniel Amen also suggests the only way we can fix that issue is to eradicate it from the planet which is never likely to happen. I think that the dollar menus for the fast food chains in the United States are a really good way to promote food over abuse, and maybe if these locations in Asia considered getting a dollar menu it might turn things around a little bit. Of course, no one will ever stop the determined person but you never know what good you can get out of it either. I think the key thing will to be encourage more affordable items for meals and then perhaps when people are in situations when they have to choose, food will win.