How Technology and Fashion Benefit One Other

Even as fashion and technology undergo drastic changes, the two seem to be growing together. As technology becomes fashionable, fashion is becoming technologically fashionable. How technology and fashion benefit each other is a fascinating. A preview of the past and present predicts the future.


Invention of boom box in the 70s allowed one to carry around favorite music. With two cassette decks, you could play music on one side while recording from the other cassette. However, going into the 90s, the invention of Walkman brought a more personalized music experience. A decade later, the experience became more advanced with the invention of iPod.


How fashion and technology work together


Fashion plays a significant role in helping technology to gain popularity. For example, people were not into wearing glasses until recently when the trend became acceptable. A computer geek considers Google Glass intriguing, and the problem is the stigma of wearing glasses. The other reason why they had not gained popularity in the past is because the cost was astronomical for the average person. However, another issue is that an individual could opt for the technology that does not require wearing glasses.


Diane Von Furstenberg is a top fashion designer who came to rescue when her models wore the glasses while on the catwalk. It is evident that fashion shows have a tendency of waking people up to the latest trends and styles. Therefore, people should accept the new technology of Google Glass since it has the same effect. As such, benefits in the world of fashion advance technology.


Clearly, fashion and technology can grow together and even support one another. The future of fashion is led by the future of technology because the two sectors work together to make each industry the best. Technology is crucial in creating beautiful fashions as well as in creating functional fashions. Thus, the excitement of the future lies in what both sectors learn from one another to make the world creative, beautiful, and a protected place to live.


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