Andy Wirth’s Unstoppable Athleticism

Andy Wirth is an active husband and father who enjoyed athletics, he aspired to someday become certified in skydiving so that is what he did. He frequently practiced becoming very experienced in jumping until October 13, 2013, his favorite past time became his worst nightmare. In Lodi, California some friends accompanied him on a jump that went terribly wrong, he jumped from the plane missing his drop zone causing him to land in a nearby vineyard avoiding some power lines. He latched his right arm onto a pole ripping it right off, as an former backcountry ranger and EMT he knew how to slow the bleeding to save his own life. The Undercover Boss safely made it to a hospital as he continued to sing Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” to himself for comfort, after days of agony and multiple surgeries they were fortunate enough to reattach Andy’s arm. 

What is he up to now?

No, Andy is not skydiving in his free time anymore but he refuses to take advantage of the fact that he is alive and well with both arms. Andy stays active trail running, biking and working with the Navy to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation and becoming close to the people he meets along the way. Today Andy has 70 percent use of his right hand and genuinely apologizes to his wife and kids for what happened and he truly appreciates how supportive they have been through his journey.