Andrew Rolfe’s impressive stewardship of Ubuntu Education Fund

Andrew Rolfe serves as the chair of Ubuntu Education Fund’s Board, a position he has held since 2007. Under his leadership, the fund has transformed the lives of many people in South Africa. The association particularly provides financial assistance to children in need of an education, healthcare, and other essential services. Ubuntu, which is headquartered in London, has been operating since 1999.

How Ubuntu works

The Ubuntu model focuses on the overall impact of the association’s work. Founders of the association acknowledge that providing school supplies to children is not enough to enable them get education. There are other factors that contribute to their development and success. That’s why the Fund also provides additional financial assistance to ensure that the children stay healthy and live in a stable home environment. The model seeks to create all rounded individuals who can cope with different societal challenges. Though simple, it is very effective as it targets the entire family—and not just children. After high school, beneficiaries are expected to go off to college, get employment and live independently.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is a good leader. Although he guides the employees of the foundation, he allows them to make decisions on how the funds will be utilized. This is based on the fact that beneficiaries are affected by different issues. It is, therefore, not realistic to come up with a generic plan and use it in every situation. Andrew Rolfe is instrumental in looking for donors to fund the programme. However, he explains to them how Ubuntu works to avoid conflicts. This means that most of the donors that fund the association do not have complete control over how the money will be used.


Since Ubuntu Education Fund started operations, the organization has seen several children graduate to high school. Others have also been able to get better healthcare and improved their living conditions. True to its mission, Ubuntu strives to provide vulnerable children with everything that they need. Under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe, the organization will continue to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups in the society and help them flourish.