Dr Jennifer Walden Takes Cosmetic Surgery to New Heights

Jennifer Walden, a renowned cosmetic surgeon, is undoubtedly one of the finest in the country. With decades of experience in the field and a robust education, Walden has made a name for herself in multiple states. Walden’s accolades are stretched across nearly thirty years. The salutatorian of her class, there was almost never a point in time in which Walden wasn’t at the forefront of cosmetic surgery. Board certified and a member of dozens of committees across the country, Walden’s connections and professional qualifications are nothing if not comprehensive. Since starting in the field, Walden has also accrued tens of prestigious awards.

The quality of Walden’s work can’t be questioned. Having moved from New York to Austin, Texas, Walden has had a vast and varied clientele. And having only been in the city for a short period, Walden has been featured three years running in Austin’s ‘Texas Super Doctors.’ Walden’s professional operation, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Centers, has seen immediate success in a fiercely competitive scene. What this translates to is Walden’s body of work speaking for itself, and patients being so immensely satisfied that word of mouth acted as effective advertising.

As if Walden wasn’t impressive enough, she has another impressive qualification: her gender. As a female, Walden stands out as a successful female surgeon in a male dominated field. With patients being mostly female, this means that Walden has unique insight to their needs. By being able to empathize with their insecurities and expectations, Walden can craft an unrivaled experience. What is in most scenarios a cold and unpleasant experience, Walden makes the process warm and comforting by way of sheer charisma. For anyone considering cosmetic surgery, Jennifer Walden may, in fact, be the finest choice available.


How Dr. Akhil Reddy Uses MB2 Dental Solutions In Order To Help Him Find Success

MB2 Dental Solutions is a Dallas, Texas company that works as a dental service organization. They provide their member dentists with a number of ways to outsource parts of their practice so that they can provide more time on patients and less time on handling staff and business issues. As this company was founded by a dentist the team at MB2 Dental Solutions knows how important it is for dentists to maintain their clinical autonomy.By using MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists can outsource as many of their business activities such as IT, HR, recruiting, marketing, accounting & finance, and other areas. They have the peace of mind of knowing that these areas of their business are being professionally and thoughtfully handled while they concentrate on the dentist-patient relationship. They’re also freed up to see more patients each day which helps them increase their bottom line.

One of the dentists that uses MB2 Dental Solutions in his practices is Dr. Akhil Reddy. Dr. Reddy, a native of Texas, grew up wanting to become a dentist. He joined the University of the Pacific in California in their Accelerated Dental Program and quickly earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. It was at the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry that he earned his DDS degree. He was quite young when he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery as he was only 23 years old. After graduating he moved back to Texas and opened his first practice where he specialized in cosmetic dental surgery and family dentistry, helping patients of all income levels.

Dr. Akhil Reddy now operates a number of dental practices in Texas where he employs other dentists and continues to work chair-side himself. There are parts of Texas where finding a dentist is hard let alone one that provides quality care at an affordable cost. Dr. Akhil Reddy fills this niche by opening dental practices in under-served areas.In his personal life, Dr. Akhil Reddy is a big fan of the concept of farm to table. This had been a lost art until recent years where people are now recognizing the importance of eating local food as it is both healthier and better for the environment as it doesn’t have to be shipped halfway around the world. He is also someone that has a great interest in traveling and seeing new areas. He is engaged to be married and has a much loved Border Collie for a pet.


Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is an experienced and skilled neurologist based in Voorhees, New Jersey – Boston City Hospital -Major Brain Injury Center originally affiliated with Harvard University. For those who are not familiar with what that is, a neurologist is someone who has specialized in neurology. They diagnose and treat conditions of the spinal cord, brain, lungs, myopathy, muscles, peripheral nerves, and the nervous system that controls the heart. In addition, they can also treat seizures, ALS Disease, sleep disorders, dementia, and stroke, Quantitative EEG in Psychiatric disorders, epilepsy, and trauma among other conditions.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta works with Kennedy University Hospital. Shiva is one of the 34 specialists in neurology. He attended Government Medical College Nagpur where he graduated with a medical degree. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta Trained under International authorities – Dr. Theodore Munsat , John Kelly at Tufts University Medical Center.


Studies have shown that stem-cell transplants are the future in the fight against multiple sclerosis. These studies show that the stem cell transplants of an individual’s blood cells had a long-term remission of MS symptoms. The new treatment is known as high-dose immunosuppressive therapy, and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT) and its results are excellent. According to studies, 69% of those who underwent this one-time treatment experienced no relapse, symptom progression, or new brain lesions. This shows how effective it is.

Although more studies on this are needed, this method of treatment is effective than the MS drugs that are typically prescribed to patients.The HALT-MS study looked at HCT/HDIT at 24 clinical areas from ages 26-52 and found out despite them being on MS treatment; they continued to get worse. The fact that the HDIT was able to help more than 70% of the patients means that it is a better alternative for the patients who do not respond to other treatments.

In conclusion, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a certified neurologist who is excellent at what he does. Through his skills and expertise, he continues to help patients better their lives.

Eric Lefkofsky: A Brilliant Entrepreneur and Cancer Fighting Hero

Eric Lefkofsky and His Career

Lefkofsky started his career at the University of Michigan selling carpet and after law school he started an apparel company named Brandon Apparel. He and his college friend borrowed money from friends and family members to buy apparel from a company located in Madison Wisconsin. Mr. Eric has had many business ventures like Starbelly, Innerworkings, Echo Global Logistics, and Groupon. As a successful businessman, Eric continues to grow and build new companies that will impact the lives of others.

Tempus Cancer Fighting Start Up

Eric Lefkofsky now spends his time focusing on his new business called Tempus. This cancer fighting start up focuses on breast cancer patients and is currently helping the doctors at the University of Chicago with finding a cure.

Tempus announced a partnership with the University in effort to provide data needed for personalized treatment plans. The organization uses a machine that offers data in real time to help doctors make personalized treatment decisions. The startup was founded in 2015 and is headquartered at 600 W. Chicago. Click here to know more.

Tempus’s goal is to analyze data from a thousand patients so that they can offer doctors pattern based information that will assist in the prediction of how patients react to treatments. Their commitment to this study will lead to a better treatment for cancer patients and genetic information that can change the way treatment decisions are made.

Tempus Partnerships

Recently Tempus partnered with UChicago and is working with the Robert Half. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, Penn Medicine, the University of Michigan, the Mayo Clinic and Rush University. All of these organizations have one common goal in mind, and that’s to use their data to help fight the battle against cancer. With the help of Tempus, these cancer centers can proactively study data and make real time decisions that will change the lives of many.

Leadership at InnovaCare helping reform payment methods in the medical field

The current President and CEO of InnovaCare Health is Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California Irvine, his medical degree from the State University of New York Stony Brook, and also an MBA from the University of Redlands. Dr. Rick Shinto began his medical career as an internist and Pulmonologist in Southern California. Prior to working at InnovaCare Health, he was the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. Dr. Rick Shinto has over twenty years of clinical and operational healthcare experience. He received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Service category in New Jersey. Source: www.businesswire.com

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Health. Ms. Kokkinides has a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University. She also has a Master’s degree in social work from New York University, a Master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University School of Public Health, and a post-master’s advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Ms. Kokkinides also worked for Aveta Inc. as their Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has over twenty years of experience in health care field, specializing in government programs and the managed care industry.

Recently, the leadership at InnovaCare Health announced their participation in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. This is a network of health care providers that are trying to move the US health system towards payment models that base payment for services on the quality of the care received rather than quantity. InnovaCare had started its own organizational goals to support these types of payment reforms within their company and plan to share their progress and what they learn with the network. Through this, InnovaCare Health hopes to provide their patients with the best care that is also cost-effective and driven by quality work rather than quantity. The Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network, also known as LAN, was launched to help align payment approaches across both the private and public sectors of the health care system in the United States. The list of committed partners to LAN continues to increase, currently almost one hundred of the leading organizations in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors of the healthcare industry are working together to improve the nation’s health care and emphasize the importance of quality over the quantity of service. This partnership with InnovaCare Health helps further the cause and movement of LAN.

Back From Manhattan: Dr. Jennifer Walden Brings Her Cosmetic Surgery Skills Back to Her Hometown

Anyone entrusting their face and body to a cosmetic surgeon wants to be certain the individual they go to has the skill, training and experience to do the work correctly. With Dr. Jennifer L. Walden they are guaranteed to have all of that. With a background that includes a successful New York practice and skills learned under the instruction of the best in the business, Walden returned to her hometown to provide Houston-area residents will the same amazing services she provided to her Manhattan patients.

While medical skills are important, personality matters too, especially when dealing with patients every day. People are understandably nervous, maybe even a little shy, about revealing what they feel are their physical weaknesses. A cosmetic surgeon needs to be able to make them comfortable about the choices they are making. They must be able to understand what they want, especially when not every person is able to verbally express themselves as well as they would like.

Again, Dr. Walden has these traits. Her patients repeatedly praise her “bedside manner” and the understanding and thoughtfulness she provides. This earthiness comes naturally to her. Born and raised in Texas, she followed her heart into the field of beauty surgery with a strong desire to help women who felt their appearance was holding them back. While her career may have begun in New York, it was Texas she wanted to return to once she had children of her own to raise.

She praises the assistance of her mother in making it possible to successfully pair her personal life, as a single mother of young twin boys, with the establishment of her practice in Houston. Her practice continues to grow as more people become aware of her abilities and her accomplishments, both of which are numerous.

Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and was formally fellowship-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. She is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, where she also serves on the Board of Directors and is the Vice Commissioner of Communications. She is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Her office is fully accredited and she maintains privileges at several medical facilities including the Hospital at Westlake Medical Center, Seton Hospital and Central Park Surgery Center. She also maintains an additional cosmetic surgery clinic at Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Marble Falls.