Purina PetCare Is Dedicated To Pets

Purina Petcare is a pet food company which focuses not only on feeding pets, but the betterment of dogs and cats everywhere. Purina does this in many ways. First, they strive to create food products which are healthy. Second, they invest time and money helping dogs and cats have happy lives.

Purina focuses a great deal of effort and research into producing food which helps dogs and cats live wonderful lives. To do this, they go above and beyond the standards for animal food. Animal food has to meet stricter standards than human food, but Purina isn’t satisfied with just meeting standards. They are determined to surpass them.

Purina sets their own high standards, then goes beyond. They demand the freshest ingredients and assures this by tracking ingredients from garden to store. They know where the raw ingredients come from and follow their growth and transportation. Purina, also owns 99% of the factories where the food is made, so they can enact their own tough demands. Never satisfied, Purina continues to set the requirements higher, so they can produce dog and cat food which goes beyond any other on the market.

Their pet food is made out of the best beef, chicken, pork, salmon, and lamb. Included are various vegetables, corn and grains. Many people believe animals need all meat, but this is not the truth. Purina adds the vegetables needed, along with corn and grains. Grains work with the other ingredients to enhance taste and help animals digest. Purina wants food to not only be healthy, but taste good and be easy on the body.

Purina doesn’t stop at great food. Because they are dedicated to animals, the Purina Newscenter team has made sure to help animals in need. Determined to help all animals find happy homes, Purina works in various projects to help pet adoption. They sponsor the internet search engine, Adopt-a Pet, to match people to their perfect pet. They have provided funds to allow free adoption by seniors. Also, more than 500,000 dogs and cats have found homes thanks to Purina’s Rally To Rescue.

Purina Petcare is a company dedicated to animals. They take the time, money and effort to create pet food sure to make animals not only happy but healthy. Purina not only provides good food, but strives to give needy animals a good home, spending millions on helping those who can not help themselves. Animals are their focus and passion.