What We Eat Affects What We Crave

We have all had that late night sugar craving that could not be curbed. Many have yearned for a way to curb that sweet fix to no avail. Could it be that by giving in and eating those sweets actually cause us to want more of it?

Researchers have conducted studies to prove just that. It seems that the types of foods that we eat can actually trigger us to want to eat more. It all depends on what is in the food we consume. When the foods have higher levels of glucose we eat less.

Mikal Watts feels that this seems to be the opposite of what happens when we eat fructose. The fructose does not have the same affect on our hunger levels or our insulin production. Foods that are high in fructose leave subjects feeling hungry and craving sweeter foods.

What is more is that after eating foods high in fructose, the participants were less likely to delay personal satisfaction and wanted sweets immediately. After eating fructose the individuals were shown pictures. These varied between objects and food items. More than half of the time individuals found greater favor with the pictured food items.

When the individual had consumed glucose brain wave activity showed that a higher level of satisfaction had been reached. These participants also stated that they felt fuller and did not desire any sweet items to eat.