Christanna Bevin Works Hard for Companies in Need

Christanna Bevin has been an accomplished business woman for many years. She has been in the business world long enough to know how to properly manage and control a business. She attended the Australian Institute of Business where she graduate with a masters in business admiration. She worked as a site administrator for the Stork business for 6 months. She also used her business knowledge to help in the contact administrator position for UGL Limited. She worked for them in the later portions of the year in 2003. She always knew that she wanted to make a name for herself and for this reason, she aimed high for her business management. She worked in the past for an engineering sector where she operated as the cost engineer of the business. While working here, she managed the various pipe racks to the generation of power. She later became promoted to work as the delivery and commission contracts for the business operation.

Although she spent a number of years working in the US, she decided that her whole career span would not be spent living in the United States. She visited a number of places all around the world before she became a specialist in the year 2005. At this point she made her move to Western Australia to work for Kellog Brown and Root. She worked here as a senior project control specialist and after just a few months, another offer came by that she couldn’t refuse. At this point she made the move to another contract where she was in charge for the review of existing contracts, monitoring the costs of the business and the planning and preparation of the changes being made to the Olympic Dam Site.

In the year 2007, in August, Christanna made her next move to Bulgaria. It was at this point that she worked as the control manager. While working for Chelopech Mining EAD she was placed in charge for the control of all projects. She would manage the contracts and commercials within the business. She operated with 9 other personnel to ensure the business was running properly. She also worked to make sure that auditing was done as well as the data interrogation systems of the business. She left this job in December of 2009 after working for the company just shy of 2 and a half years.