ClassDojo Looks To Generate Revenue From Its Popular App

The field of education has changed from generations ago. There are many more aspects to the field of education that impact what happens on a daily basis regarding the education that occurs on all levels.


In particular, the way that K-12 level education is provided is vastly different than it has been in prior decades. Although there are many reasons why K-12 education is different than it has been in the past, one of the main reasons has been the use of technology to enhance the educational experience of the students in the classroom.


Technology has evolved to a level in the past few decades that the classroom has become much more than a room where teachers teach children. The classroom has become an educational environment where the resources available to the students in the classroom is limitless. With the use of technology such as the Internet, computers, and mobile devices along with the related hardware and software that make it possible for teachers to access educational resources from anywhere in the world, education is in a different era.


Today education is more about what can be done instead of what cannot be done. One of the technology tools that is making education different in the classroom is the use of mobile devices. The use of mobile devices is much different than the use of desktops over the prior few decades. Mobile devices allow teachers to take technology with them. As a result, the use of personal technology devices or shared technology devices is more common in classrooms.


Two of the most popular mobile devices that teachers use are the smartphone and the tablet. The relatively small size of these two mobile devices allow teachers the freedom to use the devices in ways that could not be done with larger devices such as desktop computers. In addition, the technology that is used on mobile devices allow teachers a different approach to teaching in the classroom. One of the most useful aspects of the mobile devices is the use of apps.


ClassDojo, a startup technology company, developed an app that is used in the classroom by teachers. The app is very popular among teachers at the K-12 level. The app is used by teachers in thousands of classrooms across the country.


As a way to generate money from the use of the app, ClassDojo is considering adding an area to the app that will provide access to specific content on the app for a fee. The content will be resources contained on video or other mediums.


ClassDojo has received a lot of attention in recent times from the app that is used by teachers in classrooms. The app is popular and useful for teachers. The company is always making enhancements to the app to make it more useful for its users. Recently ClassDojo raised additional funding for the app that will be used to make enhancements to the app.

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