Keith Mann Supports Local Students

One business executive who is passionate about supporting his local community is Keith Mann. He has made efforts since 2013 to support an organization called Uncommon Schools. He held an event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden where he managed to raise $22,000 in funding for students in the community to further their educational goals. He invited preeminent members of the financial services industry who alslo cared about helping the students and everyone opened their wallets. The money will go towards sponsoring academic tests that have fees for the upcoming school year.

Keith Mann partnered with an organization known as Uncommon Schools to provide the funding directly to the students. Uncommon Schools exists to help close the achievement gap that exists between high and low income students. It is not fair that low income students have so many hurdles in their way on the path to higher education. There are millions who opt out of standaradized tests like the PSAT and the AP Exam because they cannot afford to pay the necessary fees. Mann reached into his own pocket and donated $10,000 to Uncommon Schools to help students in New York City meet their needs.

The partnership between Keith’s Dynamic Search Partners goes back to the year 2013. He wanted to form a relationship full of emaning where he could make a difference in the lives of students. Keith is a big believer in building skills that help you become a successful person in life. When a person has the right tactical and practical skillset they are guaranteed to do a good job and taking exams like those Keith is sponsoring can help you get into a school where you acquire those skills. The relationship between Uncommon Schools and Keith Mann will continue into the future because he wants to foster innovation. You might even say he is committed to excellene in academics for high school students.

Keith personally toured a local charter school where he met with students and the principals. He saw with his own eyes the good that his work was doing. A real differene in the lives of some people was produced.

Autism Rocks Adds Two Members Of Its Board Of Trustees.

Autism Rocks is an international charitable organization that is based in London, in the United Kingdom. The charitable organization was started by Sanjay Shah after his own son was diagnosed with the condition several years age. The organization seeks to create awareness about the disease, and it also seeks to fund research about autism.

Not long ago, the organization announced that there will be some additions to the board of trustees. There will be two members joining the name, known as Pete and Will Best. The two are brothers, and they are expected to bring a lot of changes in the charitable organization.

Pete and Will have known Shah for many years. The three have had a good relationship for years since they went to the same university. They are well qualified and knowledgeable, a clear indication that they will do very well while working for Autism Rocks. Shah said that he is sure that the two will offer the best due to their professionalism.

After joining Autism Rocks, Pete and Will are expected to serve in several important areas. They will be charged with the responsibility of bringing insight in the board. They will take part in the managerial activities, affairs, musical events and funds of the organization. According to Shah, the two brothers will also be active in decision-making activities of the charitable organization, giving reports to the public concerning the objectives of the company.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital, a boutique investment company that is also based in London too. He started working as an accountant in banks in London before leaving employment to start his company. Solo Capital has grown a lot since its incorporation in 2011, opening branches in several cities.

Shah is a well-known millionaire too, and he is also active in philanthropic activities. He owns several companies in the world, and for years, he has supported children by donating huge sums of money to help them acquire education and become good people in the future. Since he started Autism Rocks, most of his charitable donations have been given there.