Making Low-Cost Investments for Better Returns in the Long Run

The investment world needs professionals to guide and advise them on how to maximize their earnings and enable them to earn better returns that will help their capital grow through profitable investments. Warren Buffet and Timothy Armour have these leadership skills and experience needed to give advice on the complex world of financial markets. For this reason, there are high chances of Warren Buffet’s approach of wagering a million dollar to charity instead of investing in the S&P 500 passive index being a successful investment. Tim supports Warren’s commitment to low-cost investment which should be purchased and held for the long term. Over the years, it has been established that carefully analyzing companies and creating a durable portfolio is an effective investment strategy.

Clearly, Americans need to get invested and stay invested. Mr. Buffet shares the wisdom he has gained over the numerous years in the financial sector. He believes in doing better than others in bad times and says that it is the surest way of an investor succeeding.

Timothy Amour was made the chair of Capital Group in July 2015. He officially started his profession at the group in 1983 but was made the company’s Chairman when the previous head, James Rothenberg, passed away. Tim stepped forward to assume the leadership role in the company and was then elected to officially take up the position because he has the skills and experience needed.

Tim has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the Middleburg College in Vermont. He has worked for more than thirty-three years at the Capital Group. Tim also gives advice to other investors looking for career tips to excel in the financial profession. He lives in Los Angeles where he closely monitors Capital Group’s markets both in the U.S and other parts of the world.

Armour once served as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group in charge of global telecommunications and the U.S. service companies. He is one person who can be relied on when it comes to making profitable investments. He knows the capital market very well because of his working experience and will continue making Capital Group excel.


The Uppercase Capital Group

Timothy Armour is man’s man. Not only is he the chairman, he is the Equity Portfolio Manager and Principal Executive Officer for Capital Research and Management Company. Shortly after graduating from Middlebury College, he began his career at The Capital Group Companies Inc. in 1983.

With a career spanning over 30 years, it would be foolhardy to say he is inexperienced. He is definitely someone who knows a thing or two about investing. In an interview with Financial Times, Armour stated “People shouldn’t stand for benchmark returns because there are alternatives out there that are much better.” He also encouraged investors not to settle for average investing returns and believes changes in the post-Trump market are real. Time and time again, Tim has proven himself as an asset and not a liability. For years, he served as a key deputy to to Mr. Rothenberg.

Currently, Tim is based out in Los Angeles, California. With years of experience, Mr. Armour has put his years of experience to use. Surely, Tim Armour knows the the company in and out. In fact, he spent his entire career there. In the first half of 2015, Capital’s mutual finds brought in more money than any other group. In that same time period, Capital drew in around 17 billion dollars. In July of 2015, Armour was named as chairman of Capital Group. Not only was it expected, it was well deserved. After partnering with Samsung Management, Tim said “The broader plan is to co-design investment solutions.”

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How Don Ressler is Shaping the Fitness Clothing Industry

In the competitive business world there are a select few people that stand out. With an impressive skillset in entrepreneurship, Don Ressler is certainly one of those people. His business acumen and successful start up’s are great examples of how a dedicated and talented individual can truly shape an industry.

Ressler began his business career by creating a series of profitable startup companies. One of his most successful startups that was created early on in his career was Intelligent Beauty. From the start, Don Ressler had a great eye in knowing what would be the next big thing. His startup companies are evidence.

Intelligent Beauty, one of Don Ressler’s most successful ventures, has taken the world by storm, creating a series of successful companies including the most recent – JustFab. JustFab is a fitness clothing service that offers trendy and stylish athletic clothing as a subscription service. The clothing is both stylish and affordable. Ressler gained inspiration for the idea in part from his wife, who alongside Ressler, is very fitness conscious. After seeing the high prices at many of the designer fitness outlets, Ressler and his wife wanted to make stylish fitness clothing affordable to everyone.

Don Ressler teamed up with another successful businessman, Adam Goldenberg. Together they realized that there was huge potential for JustFab. Soon after they met with Kate Hudson, who had a similar vision. The three of them created a fashion-lifestyle brand that has taken the online clothing world by storm. Ressler and his team decided that they wanted to create a brand that wasn’t specific to a certain aspect of the athletic world, but rather, they created a brand that encompasses all of the different athletic activities. By doing so, they have created a brand that appeals to thousands of women regardless of their fitness preferences.

With JustFab, Ressler and his team also wanted to ensure that everyone could access stylish fitness clothing. To ensure that this is possible, the clothes that are sold through the JustFab subscription service are affordable. By having a subscription model, women who may not have enough money for an entire wardrobe change all at once can enjoy slowly building their collection without having to pay a ton of money upfront. Likewise, Ressler’s team ensured that there are many different sizes available, ensuring that women of all levels of fitness are able to look great while working out.

Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG Honored By City Council

Ricardo Guimaraes, a successful businessman and the former Chairman of Banco BMG, on 18th April 2011 received the City Council Merit Honor Diploma. Mr. Guimaraes was born in Belo Horizonte. He is the son to Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna and the grandson to Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, who was the founder of the bank in 1930. Mr. Guimaraes began his service at the bank in 1980 as an office assistant. In 1988, he went on to receive his degree in Business Administration from UNA. More on wiki.


The solemn ceremony to receive his Merit Honor Diploma was conducted by Daniel Nepomuceno. The award was delivered by the President of the House, Leo Bourgeois de Castro, who the applauded the work of Mr. Guimaraes. Mr. Bourgeois went on to cite the good work that Mr. Guimaraes had done at Atletico Mineiro when he has the President of the club between 2001 and 2006. The parliamentarian expressed his great satisfaction, recalling Ricardo’s Grand Collar of Legislative Merit Award in 2004.

Fred Costa went on to praise the exceptional qualities that made Mr. Guimaraes a successful businessman. He also went on to praise him for the support he has shown to the national sport as well as sponsorships of various athletes. In 2010, Mr. Guimaraes founded the Ricardo Soccer BR1, an investment fund to be used by football athletes. Considered the first in Brazil to be regulated by the Brazilian Securities Commission, the first year saw more than $20 million invested in buying the economic rights of various athletes from eight clubs. Due to this contribution, Fred Costa refers to BMG as “the national sport patrons.”

Alberto Pinto Coelho, the deputy governor, went on to state that the honor given was deserved by the Guimaraes family, as they were fully committed to sports development. He also stated that Guimaraes’ work had the seal of citizenship as well as commitment, a good example for society. The chair of the house then read the terms of the diploma, before handing it over to the honored. Fred Costa and Daniel Nepomuceno then handed a plate to Mr. Guimaraes. Dino Blog has the detail news.


As he offered thanks, Mr. Guimaraes pointed out that he was honored to continue the good work and tradition that was started by his grandfather. He also went on to state that his professional and family roots were in Belo Horizonte.

Lake Tahoe’s Luck Is Finally Turning Around With A Strengthening In Tourism

A recent article in the Reno-Gazette Journal highlighted some of the problems Lake Tahoe has been having and how these problems have had an impact on tourism. The problems Lake Tahoe has been facing have been going on for a few years now, and the problems have also impacted the communities on the north shore. There was a major drought, which hit the winter resorts especially hard, and the impact on the winter resorts trickled down to the businesses depending on them for tourism sales. There was also a sizable political challenge. An incorporation squabble over the gorgeous Olympic Valley, which is home to Squaw Valley Resort and beautiful winter landscapes has taken a toll on the area as well.

Things have turned around for the area after a difficult four years. The winds of change have blown in quite literally. There have been some impressive storms in the early season and unseasonably frigid temperatures. The winter storms and cold temps have allowed many area resorts to open up early in the season. In fact, the resorts have been able to open up weeks early. This fortunate turn of events have helped many notable lodges like the Squaw Valley Resort. Another reprieve from the area’s bad luck came in the form of backers withdrawing from their quest to incorporate the area. Many well known business owners in the area like Andy Wirth were able to breathe a sigh of relief because incorporation would have been a disaster for the political and civic climate.

Andy Wirth is the the owner of Squaw Valley Resort, and he has his roots firmly planted in the Lake Tahoe area. He has been an active voice against the incorporation of the area, and he’s been vocal about Lake Tahoe and the incorporation on many forums including the Reno-Gazette Journal article summarized above. He’s passionate about his home among other things.

Aside from his endless pursuit to make his ski resort and Lake Tahoe one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, Andy Wirth is also a philanthropist. He dedicates his time to improving the community and the environment for Lake Tahoe. He believes it is important to preserve and nurture the area overall for the young and old alike. Another passion of his includes giving aid to wounded warriors, especially Navy Seals injured in battle. He was inspired by this after his near-death skydiving accident.

The World Of Doe Deere

Entrepreneur Doe Deere is making a strong statement in the makeup world. She is the creator of the unique cosmetic line Crime Line. She is firm about having your own style and not being scared to do something different with makeup and hair. Doe is a fashion muse to many of her followers and this is displayed on her online Lime Crime store.

Doe Deere has always been distinctive with her personal look. When she decided to create her makeup line Lime Crime, she desired it to be packed with exceptional items which enables every single female to use colors must traditional cosmetics don’t offer.

Doe Deere is also known as the unicorn Queen. Lime Crime cosmetics are packaged in pretty purple cases with unicorns. The lipsticks are creamy and come in beautiful vivid colors like blue, lavender, and baby pinks. The line has a pastel foundation and all the products come in all pastel shades. Lime Crime is filled with fantasy and glittery looks and one can get many ideas for hair and makeup from the online store.

Doe came to the US wanting to be a recording artist but then notice how something in cosmetics was missing. She would always experiment with different colors and looks as a little girl. This former Russian model and band member has always had a creative edge and now she uses that talent with her cosmetic line.

Lime Crime is not just makeup it is a movement for women all over the world. The online store on is so amusing. It is filled with information about style and new trending looks. Every shade of fantasy hair is shown from the customers sending in photos of wearing Lime Crime hair color and cosmetics. Doe is surprised that she makes a living to basically do what she genuinely adores, which is playing with shades and design great makeup products.

Perhaps, this is the real magic formula behind her thriving business. She is one of the most hands on women in the makeup world. Doe Deere has accomplished rather a great deal with her brand name and has become an inspiration for many people.

Doe Deere is a technology executive who has made it easy for women from all over the earth to enrich their look and self confidence with makeup. She is fascinated with fantasy and includes that into her brand. Her love of fashion and art make it simple for her to develop new vibrant colors for her Lime Crime line. She loves spending time with her cats and thinking about the next idea in her business.

She has made the Lime Crime brand for anyone to enjoy. Grunge is glamorous in her line with her Venus Grunge palette which is smooth and features warm colors for the eyes. The glittery filled Zodiac eye shadows are for the girl who loves to be whimsical. There is something for everyone how loves makeup. Doe is happy with all her success and wants to grow as a business women.