Bruce Jenner Tells Kris She Treated Him Badly In Their Marriage

Bruce Jenner hasn’t been holding back lately, during his 2 hour Diane Sawyer Bruce spoke about the details of his sex change, and the life he has lead leading up to his final decision to become a woman. While the news of Bruce’s transition seemed to come out of nowhere, some believe that if anyone knew of Bruce’s secret it had to be Kris Jenner.

Kris has continued to deny that she knew anything about Bruce’s plan to become a woman, and insists that she never thought his issue was anything other than a “quirk.” During the airing of the Diane Sawyer Special Bruce’s first wife actually said that he was honest with her about his gender identity issues, however Kris was not featured in the special and is said to have declined speaking with the producers. Mikal Watts was a little surprised by that.

Now clips of the special “About Bruce,” episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we see Bruce finally speaking candidly with Kris about how he felt about their marriage and the fact that he believes he was treated badly in the final stages of their marriage. Kris Jenner breaks down in tears during the clip, and says that she doesn’t think Bruce has been as honest as he could or should have been.

Bruce says that Kris’s attitude towards him is the biggest reason for his silence. Now that we are getting the Kardashians’s side for Bruce’s transition, we can finally start putting the pieces to together.

Nicki Minaj Impersonates Beyonce

In a serious effort to promote the new “PinkPrint” album, Nicki Minaj was in rare form on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. It definitely distracted me from my Qnet shopping. She performed 3 songs and appeared in a variety of different sketches. Her most talked about impersonation was that of Beyonce. It is what people are talking about at the water cooler after the work week starts up again. 

It may have been extra easy for Nicki Minaj to mimic Beyonce because she has worked with the star. Before the “Flawless” remix it was obvious that Nicki was a big fan of Beyonce. There is no doubt that she studied Beyonce on and off stage. This is what allowed Nicki to bring forth such a spot-on impression of the pop superstar. 

Nicki also did a Kim Kardashian impression, but more people are raving about her Beyonce voice more than anything else. People that have listened to Beyonce off stage are keenly aware of how mellow she is. It also seems unbelievable to think that the same powerhouse singer that delivers with so much intensity is so subdued off stage. She appears to be something of a split personality that has this sort of power that she can unleash at will while on stage. Nicki channeled this calm side of Beyonce. 

It really is the year of Nicki Minaj. Her performance on the show went well and this leads to greater exposure.

America’s Obsession with Guy Fieri

It is no secret that Americans are obsessed with Guy Fieri. Just turn on the Food Network at any hour of the day or night, and fans are bound to catch a glimpse of him as he seems to be everywhere. That is why so many fans were startled to hear that one of his restaurants closed suddenly without even warning its employees.

While this was a shocker, there are still lots of new ideas that many of Guy’s fans would love to see. Guy Fieri is full of high energy and passion for food, but he has so much fun in the kitchens that fans feel at ease watching him. One great idea Igor Cornelsen had was to have Fieri take viewers on a culinary tour of Disney World. Imagine getting to peek into the kitchens of the different restaurants at the happiest place on earth. Disney is such a magical place that Guy could easily get caught up in the enchantment of the place and show viewers what happens behind the scenes.

While Guy is charming and funny, he also knows his way around the kitchen. He would be an excellent choice to take viewers behind the scenes in the kitchens of the rich and famous as well. How much fun would it be to see Guy Fieri in the White House kitchen or Queen Elizabeth’s kitchen? With one restaurant closed, maybe he will have more time for TV.

Meghan Trainor Is All About the Country

In what dubbed “The reverse Taylor Swift-ception,” pop starlet Meghan Trainor is starting to make her way toward country music. In Wednesday night’s CMA Awards, Trainor took her earwig hit “All About the Bass” to the other side, performing a twangy version with country superstar Miranda Lambert.

The blonde duo brought some booty shaking to the country stage, though not as gratuitous as could have been on a pop stage. Trainor even looked the country part, complete with her leather jacket and big black boots, with Lambert a little more poppy. Both of them wore dresses with short skirts that amplified the effect of their hop movements.

Clips of the audience show faces of almost surprise, possibly at how well the crossover actually sounded. Overall, it was well-received by many. Co-host Brad Paisley even asked Trainor if she was planning to slowly crossover, to which she replied, “Yeah, sure.” Hey, someone has to take Taylor Swift’s place, now that she has gone pop with “Shake It Off!” I enjoyed her presence at the CMAs, and Susan was loling when Trainor mentioned TSwift’s crossover to pop.

Who Knew? Molly Ringwald Writes, Sings, Eats and Drinks

I’ve long been a fan of Molly Ringwald. Being close to her age that she was in her heyday, I thought that movie and Pretty in Pink spoke directly to me back in my young angst driven days. Now, I’m in my angst filled middle aged years, and I lost track of Molly because I don’t watch much television or movies. When I saw an article about her on Grub Street, I was surprised to find she’s a jazz singer as well as a writer. The article is Molly’s daily diary while she was in New York getting ready for a singing engagement at Carlyle’s in Manhattan. After listening to her cover of Simple Mind’s Don’t You Forget About Me, I wish I could be in the audience.

Her diary largely consists of her food intake and the places she ate during a week with Marnie Bennett that started in Venice, California and ended up in New York. One thing’s for sure, the girl gets around.

She also lamented the fact that, even though she’s given the popular bourbon Pappy Van Winkle a lot of word of mouth publicity, she still hasn’t received a bottle from the folks at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Wow,even Molly Ringwald can’t get Pappy Van Winkle.