America’s Obsession with Guy Fieri

It is no secret that Americans are obsessed with Guy Fieri. Just turn on the Food Network at any hour of the day or night, and fans are bound to catch a glimpse of him as he seems to be everywhere. That is why so many fans were startled to hear that one of his restaurants closed suddenly without even warning its employees.

While this was a shocker, there are still lots of new ideas that many of Guy’s fans would love to see. Guy Fieri is full of high energy and passion for food, but he has so much fun in the kitchens that fans feel at ease watching him. One great idea Igor Cornelsen had was to have Fieri take viewers on a culinary tour of Disney World. Imagine getting to peek into the kitchens of the different restaurants at the happiest place on earth. Disney is such a magical place that Guy could easily get caught up in the enchantment of the place and show viewers what happens behind the scenes.

While Guy is charming and funny, he also knows his way around the kitchen. He would be an excellent choice to take viewers behind the scenes in the kitchens of the rich and famous as well. How much fun would it be to see Guy Fieri in the White House kitchen or Queen Elizabeth’s kitchen? With one restaurant closed, maybe he will have more time for TV.

Law Enforcement Takes Medicine From Epileptic Children In California

The one thing I’ve learned about law enforcement and the judicial system is that they destroy pretty much of everything that is good in this country. This time, they’ve destroyed the marijuana crops of Susan Schindler on her 120 acre farm in Mendocino County, California. The cops dropped in covered in camouflage and equipped with fully automatic weapons to seize the cancer survivor’s weed.

More important to the story though, she was growing a specific type of dope that was being used in epilepsy research. Her plants were rich in CBD, which is a non-psychotropic element that is used orally to treat children who suffer from epilepsy. So now they’re taking medicine from children. This woman should be given an award, not a gun in her face. Guess we should all just move to Brazil with Fersen Lambranho.

Though Schindler was not arrested, her hard work was destroyed. To me, that makes no sense. They come in like air cavalry in Vietnam, destroy her farm, and just walk away. Shouldn’t they at least try to charge her with some fines to help fund their campaign? No, just let the taxpayers flip that bill. Keep in mind, she is a legal medicinal patient in the state of California. What is this world coming to?