Making Low-Cost Investments for Better Returns in the Long Run

The investment world needs professionals to guide and advise them on how to maximize their earnings and enable them to earn better returns that will help their capital grow through profitable investments. Warren Buffet and Timothy Armour have these leadership skills and experience needed to give advice on the complex world of financial markets. For this reason, there are high chances of Warren Buffet’s approach of wagering a million dollar to charity instead of investing in the S&P 500 passive index being a successful investment. Tim supports Warren’s commitment to low-cost investment which should be purchased and held for the long term. Over the years, it has been established that carefully analyzing companies and creating a durable portfolio is an effective investment strategy.

Clearly, Americans need to get invested and stay invested. Mr. Buffet shares the wisdom he has gained over the numerous years in the financial sector. He believes in doing better than others in bad times and says that it is the surest way of an investor succeeding.

Timothy Amour was made the chair of Capital Group in July 2015. He officially started his profession at the group in 1983 but was made the company’s Chairman when the previous head, James Rothenberg, passed away. Tim stepped forward to assume the leadership role in the company and was then elected to officially take up the position because he has the skills and experience needed.

Tim has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the Middleburg College in Vermont. He has worked for more than thirty-three years at the Capital Group. Tim also gives advice to other investors looking for career tips to excel in the financial profession. He lives in Los Angeles where he closely monitors Capital Group’s markets both in the U.S and other parts of the world.

Armour once served as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group in charge of global telecommunications and the U.S. service companies. He is one person who can be relied on when it comes to making profitable investments. He knows the capital market very well because of his working experience and will continue making Capital Group excel.


New Jericho Network Program “Beyond The Darkness” Announced On PodcastOne

The Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, announced in a press release that the popular Jericho Network on the website will launch a new show, “Beyond the Darkness”. The Jericho Network is a popular network on PodcastOne that features Chris Jericho of WWE fame.

“Beyond the Darkness” will feature spooky mysteries, ghostly encounters, angels, demons, aliens, and other paranormal phenomena. The shows is meant to both educate and entertain listeners with conversations including notable researchers and people who say they have personally experienced these types of phenomena. The show will be hosted by radio host and author Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, who is a radio producer and host. A new episode is scheduled to be released every Monday and will be available on the PodcastOne App, PodcastOne’s website, and iTunes.

When making the announcement Norman Pattiz said that Chris Jericho’s network has quickly become one of the most popular ones on PodcastOne. The network started out mostly focused on wrestling but, as Pattiz expected, it now has comedian podcasts and now a paranormal one.

Chris Jerricho stated that he’s really looking forward to the release of “Beyond the Darkness” on his network and will enjoy working with Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis as they’re some of the best in the business. Another bonus of bringing in Schrader and Dennis is that both radio hosts have massive fan bases that will add to the Jerricho Networks listening audience.

Norman Pattiz founded radio industry giant Westwood One in the late 1970’s. With him as the Chief Executive Officer, Westwood One grew into the largest radio empire in the United States with programming including sports, talk, news, and entertainment. He also founded Courtside Entertainment Group which focuses on supplying basketball programming.

Mr. Pattiz founded PodcastOne in 2012 when he recognized the untapped potential that online on-demand audio delivered. Under his leadership, PodcastOne has become the premier location for podcasts with a wide range of talent including Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette, Dr. Drew, Shaquille O’Neill, and many others.

Among the industry honors that Norman Pattiz has received was being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He has also received a Giants Of Broadcasting Award, given to him by the Library of American Broadcasting. Pattiz was also appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Clinton and reappointed to another term by President Bush.

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