Brad Reifler Has The Right Touch

It is always something special to see business people who have the right touch. The people who are able to do things in a way that seem easy while other people struggle to do the same thing. Whether is as a speaker, leader, or some other area in business.

Some people just are able to do things that leave other people asking how do they do what they do. There are many things that people can look at as the reason why some people are able to make certain things look easy.

In essence, some people do have the right touch. They have certain talents that allow them to do certain things very well. In addition, they have something extra that takes it to another level higher than just talent or a lot of talent.

It is a combination of things that are usually not seen in one person. The combination gives the people something that is unique that allows them to appear to have something special about them that others do not have inside.

While there are many areas in the business world where people can often see people who appear to have the right touch, one of the areas that is common is the investment industry.

A reason why the investment industry tends to have people who appear to have the right touch and do things far easier than most is because the investment industry provides the opportunity for many people to be able to be seen apart from others. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

The investment industry highlights and rewards people who excel at what they do professionally. This goes hand in hand with people who have the right touch.

This is mainly due to the way the investment industry is structured and how it is ran. An investment professional who has shown that he has the right touch is Brad Reifler. As an investment professional, Brad Reifler became a household name in a very short time period.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is an awesome investment advisor who understands the investing side of the industry very well. Also, Brad Reifler has proven himself to be a great communicator who is able to make a great impression on people both inside and outside the investment industry.

Bloomberg revealed that Brad Reifler is a recognized executive in the investment industry who has been able to make investment firms very successful under his guidance.

Mullen Lowe’s José Henrique Borghi is a Respected Member of Brazil’s Advertising Industry

Brazil has one of the most creative advertising platforms in the world. Many of the ads campaigns used by American Express, Honda, Unilever, Mitsubishi, and others got their start in the Brazilian advertising market. The men and women who are part of the ad campaigns in Brazil are capable of creating ads that millions of people relate to and support. One of those people is José Henrique Borghi. When Borghi’s name comes up in ad meetings, big corporations know they are getting one of the most creative people in the advertising and marketing business. Borghi played a role in developing ad campaigns for companies like Hyatt, Mattel, Ikea, Harley Davidson, Google, JetBlue, Royal Caribbean, Western Union, Johnson and Johnson and General Motors and other international corporations.

José Henrique Borghi started his ad career in 1989. He became a Vice-President of the Leo Burnett Agency. He was named president of that agency in 2002. José is one of those people who loves what he does, so he formed the Creative Intelligence Agency with another advertising great, Erh Ray. In 2006, Borghi and Ray merged with Lowe Advertising Agency, and Borghi was named president. Mr. Borghi continued to shine after the merger and the Mullen Advertising Agency liked what Borghi’s was doing. The Mullen Ad Agency is present in several markets outside of Brazil, and the board wanted more coverage in Brazil, so another merger took place. Mullen Lowe became the Borghi/Lowe Agency in Brazil, and Borghi was named Co-CEO with André Gomes. Gomes was the VP of Mullen’s Rio de Janeiro office. Mullen’s Rio and São Paulo offices are the flagship offices.

Borghi’s responsibilities at Mullen Lowe Brasil include overseeing social media, public relations, design planning, digital marketing, mobile marketing, and performance analytics. José uses a hyper bundle approach that includes parts of all of those elements of advertising to create advertising campaigns.

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Cotemar Mexico’s Wonderful Services & Work Opportunities

Cotemar’s Services

Cotemar has been in the oil industry services for over 38 years. Since its launching, Cotemar has provided services with the use of specialized vessels to Petróleos Mexicanos and in offshore oil fields.

They use three strategic lines which group top notch, specialized services in accordance to the corresponding division. These three strategic lines include modernization, construction, and maintenance and engineering. They focus on the innovation and modernization of their customers’ processing centers and platforms within offshore installations ranging from prefabrication and assembly to the service lines and equipment. This is done with the dynamic, semi-submersible, positioning platforms’ support that can move swiftly between complex systems to offer the best service.

With their marine and specialized support boats, Cotemar offers the transportation of food, light materials, and personnel. They also have fire-fighting tow ships, barges, and tow ships to transport big structures. All of their vessels have monitoring and inspection of their operational critical variables to ensure safety of the personnel and facilities that operate these variables.

With the food and lodging, these services are provided on the coast in their platforms and boats. These services consist of washing and ironing, food preparation, bedding services, and cleaning of common areas in each room. With their suppliers, they keep great relations with them by developing access where they can find the necessary updated information and consultation generated for fulfilling each supplier’s purchasing cycles. Cotemar also gives a complete brochure that will give more details of all the services they offer for one’s perusal.

Working at Cotemar

Many employees of Cotemar like working for them. They like how the company offers a pleasant work environment by ensuring that there is a great limitation of accidents. Also, the employees like how committed the company is to them and the excellent lodging and food they offer. Many reviews expressed how the company is reliable and responsible to their employees, and they liked that they provide great off days to them.

Their employees are trained on safety and work, and the company equips them with skills on being responsible at work. Cotemar takes pride in that their strength lies in the commitment and experience of all their employees, and they take care of them. Cotemar has training programs and current positions opened.

What Has Helped Cotemar Remain at the Helm of the Mexican Oil Industry?

Cotemar is a Mexican oil and gas service provider. The company was founded in 1979 with a mission to offer offshore services through the implementation of industry-leading technologies. Cotemar uses specialized vessels to provide safety and quality that go beyond the expectations of the clients.


Services Offered By Cotemar


Cotemar provides services through three major departments. The first unit, the Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, and Engineering aims at innovating and modernizing offshore rigs and processing centers. The second department, Accommodation, and Catering offer offshore laundry services, bedding services, and eatery. The third department, Specialized Maritime Vessels services, provides personnel transport, fire fighting services, lightweight materials and towing vessels.


Working at Cotemar


Working at Cotemar provides you with a unique experience. The company is committed to seeing its employees strengthen their skills. The firm believes that its success is pegged on the excellence and motivation of their employees and strengthening them will enhance its productivity. At Cotemar, tools have been put in place to develop skills of the employees, particularly on safety related issues. Cotemar has also contracted other international firms to offer specialized development lessons to their employees. Those aspiring to work with Cotemar have a reason to smile because the company offers internships programs with colleges and universities.


Cotemar’s Sustainability Scheme


The oil industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. This means that without proper sustainability schemes a company can fall overnight. Cotemar has put in place several sustainability concepts to ensure that they remain relevant and competitive. Their sustainability plan is pegged down in four concepts.


  1. Community: The community is an essential part of Cotemar. The firm strives every dawn to ensure that the company remains relevant to the community. They do so by strengthening the business social value through job creation, supporting social and institutional programs as well as promoting culture and health.


  1. The quality of life: In the quest to maintain its position in the industry, the firm highly depends on its employees. The company thus motivates the employees and integrates them and their families to get the sense of belonging. Cotemar does this through equity programs, health, education, sports and industrial safety.



  1. Business ethics: Clients are an integral part of the company. Therefore, Cotemar strives to ensure transparency and uphold the values of the enterprise, which are based on social, economic and environmental commitment.


  1. Environment: Cotemar appreciates a healthy environment. The company carries out awareness schemes aimed at reducing the adverse effects on the environment.




The OSI Group

OSI is a world of food solutions. They are a global supplier of food products to retail food brands and foodservice. OSI has extensive capabilities, such as custom product development and supply chain management. They can deliver products to maximize a company’s opportunity. OSI has more than 65 facilities in 17 countries focused on maximizing products that will ensure customers world-wide will have a quality experience.

The capability of custom food processing is very helpful to customers. Many businesses have specific demands, specifications, and requirements that OSI can create with convenience. OSI supplies beef, poultry, pork, seafood, produce, pizza, and baked goods. Custom specialties can be created for any meal of the day, snacks, appetizers, and desserts.

OSI is very concerned with sustainability in their food industry and global supply chain. They are always exploring ways to improve. OSI strives to maintain positive relationships with social, environmental, and economic areas. The efforts made by OSI have been recognized by the food industry. Employee Health and Safety was honored in Spain, Poland, and UK. They also were recognized for helping with Literacy in the USA and Children’s Cancer Charity in Germany. Environmentally OSI received the California Green Business Award and a Globe of Honor in the UK. OSI received many other awards in different areas also, such as energy and air emissions.

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AT OSI Group employees are the success of the company and thats why this company offers stimulating, challenging, and regarding opportunities. For over 100 years quality products have been being delivered and that is because of the diverse workforce at this company.

OSI employs people that share the thought that everyone can make a difference. They also have programs in place to help develop successful employees to their highest potential. In Europe they have a Graduate Program and an Employee Development Program.

Mullen Lowe’s Jose Borghi Looks To New Technologies To Continue His Success

Jose Borghi and his colleagues embarked on the groundbreaking study by basing their research on how a group of men under the age 28 reacted to different images of the assembled group throughout the different stages of shaving they underwent. The founder of what is now known as the Mullen Lowe Brasil Advertising Agency has recently been looking to aid the marketing industry as a whole by helping to complete extensive research into how the brain reacts when a person is shown different images. Jose Borghi, the founder of BorghiErh, which is now known as Mullen Lowe ad agency has already been convinced of the effectiveness images play in the way individuals feel about each other and how they react to those around them, but hoped the work he and his colleagues completed by Narita Design & Strategy would help marketing specialists around the world be more effective in their everyday work.

The research has been created by advertising specialists with the aid of psychologists to find new ways of gaining valuable feedback from focus groups about future advertising campaigns.The main findings of the study have been focused on how the group of men reacted when asked in a traditional question and answer session about shaving and how they would react when faced with images of the group with various levels of facial hair; the initial evidence shared by Jose Borghi shows a more emotion based response to the images that could aid the industry in becoming even more influential in the future.

Jose Borghi himself has been an advertising specialist since 1989 when he joined the Brazilian advertising giant Standard Ogilvy. The innovations of Borghi as a key advertising executive really began with the founding of his own ad agency that later won a Golden Lion at Cannes.


Ricardo Tosto Is A Competent Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you looking for a law firm or lawyer that handles business law cases in Brazil? Do you want to hire a proficient business or corporate lawyer to advise and guide you? If you are in need of a reliable lawyer for business disputes or other complex legal issue, it is imperative that you contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for a consultation.

Knowing your options when a contract dispute occurs can really help you to avoid some of the negative repercussions associated with litigation. An attorney may be able to tell you more about whether different types of settlement, like mediation or arbitration, could be helpful to you in this scenario.

Be sure you discuss your options with an experienced lawyer right away in order to fully assess your choices and determine the best strategy in the case. Various scenarios may call for different results, so you need a lawyer or attorney who can serve as an advisor now and in the future.

Ricardo Tosto is a litigation lawyer with a powerful track record. He has rendered services to numerous businesses, corporations and professionals and comes recommended in the legal community. Mr Ricardo Tosto has earned a great reputation in Brazil and around the world.

When his client and their business enterprise is sued, Ricardo Tosto has the expertise and litigation background to fully protect their rights in court. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to review his clients’ situation before deciding how to approach the situation. His goal is to guide his clients toward a solution that will keep their business enterprise moving forward and minimize the expense.

Regardless of whether you’ve been in company for years or you are just starting out, Ricardo Tosto will handle your organization law needs.

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ClassDojo Turns Its Focus On Monetizing Its Content

Parents like it when teachers post photos of things going on in class when their students are learning. ClassDojo, which is a communication app, has transformed the way children are taught in school and how teachers communicate with parents. Since 2011, ClassDojo has effected a ground-up change in schools across the United States and the world. Along with whiteboards, pencils, and paper, the app is one of the few technologies that have become common in K-8 classrooms. Notably, 2 in 3 schools have a teacher that uses the app. Sam Chaudhary, the co-founder of ClassDojo notes that it is possible to change education in a major way.

Earlier on, ClassDojo was known for its point system. This system allowed teachers to reward students for their exemplary behavior. It functions in a similar way as offering gold star tickets. The app has developed into a complete service. It facilitates constant communication between teachers and parents concerning students’ activities in the classroom. Parents can see the sort of feedback given to children by their teachers. It is more convenient compared to calling each parent to inform them on the daily progress of their children.

ClassDojo’s objective is to enhance the support system of each student as well as keep the teachers, parents and the school administration connected. It also aims to ensure that parents are involved in their children’s affairs at school on a daily basis. Following its accomplishment in connecting teachers with parents, ClassDojo is currently turning its profit from its content. The company noted that it had no plans of making money by selling advertisement. However, they would start monetizing their education related content.  Refer to the

With its reach to many parents and teachers, the five-year-old company has the ability to spread educational materials, including videos. Liam Don notes that ClassDojo’s reach can help reduce the cost that schools spend on curriculum and software. Don is the co-founder and chief technology officer of the company. ClassDojo started focusing on this idea in January 2016 when it initially produced educational videos in collaboration with Oxford University. This information was originally mentioned on as outlined in this link

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication app that enables teachers, students, and parents to share information on what is taking place in school. Its mission is to enable teachers, students, and parents establish virtual classrooms. The communication platform’s team comprises of incredible engineers, educators, and designers. The diverse workforce has been able to enhance cohesion at the company.

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The team has substantial background in the operations and curriculum used by various schools, including public and charter schools. ClassDojo was founded in 2011. It is based in San Francisco, California. Since its incorporation, ClassDojo has been on a remarkable growth trajectory. Millions of teachers, parents, and students around the world love the app.


Fabletics – The Rise of a Luxury Clothing Brand on Amazon

Gone are the days when brands only need to offer price and high quality services or goods for them to be considered of high value. The recent changes in economics have rendered such a combination insufficient, with regards to competitiveness and success on various e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon. To make matters even worse, Amazon controls about 20 percent of the e-commerce market within the fashion niche. Such aspects make it difficult for brands to succeed in the fashion e-commerce market. Despite the challenges, one brand, the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, has weathered the odds to succeed in this market. This brand has been able to establish a $250 million business within the e-commerce fashion market within a period of three years.

How Fabletics Became a Successful Brand

For it to rise to its current position, Kelly Hudson’s Fabletics employed a subscription mechanism to sell its products to its customers. The growing ‘activewear’ movement in Fabletics may be associated to the subscription mechanism the brand used to sell clothing products to its current and new customers. Customers today tend to have a preference for the brands that are more inspirational. In this regard, the brand combined this aspect with membership and convenience to create a powerful combination that pushed it to the successful position it currently enjoys in the e-commerce fashion market today.

A few years ago, customers only considered the pricing and the quality of goods and services being offered for them to decide whether a brand was valuable or not. Currently, brands need to go a step further for them to please their customers. Taking a closer look at the Fabletics Fashion brand, you will see that brands now need such elements as exclusive design, brand recognition, gamification, customer experience, and last-mile service, for them to succeed in this competitive market niche. According to Gregg Throgmartin, the general manager Fabletics, the brand is currently successful because they offered a re-imagined and modern version of high value products right form the beginning. According to Gregg, their membership plan allows the brand to offer products and services that are customized to suit individual needs of their customers. Additionally, the GM says that their competitive pricing also made the brand more favorable to customers as opposed to their competitors.

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CMO of Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand Fabletics on retail industry

About Fabletics

Having noticed a business gap in the activewear marketplace, Kate Hudson, along with the JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler came together to launch the Fabletics Fashion brand with the aim of filling the gap by offering high quality designs at affordable prices. According to the Fabletics founders, there were numerous luxury brands at the time Fabletics was launched. While the numerous luxury brands were offering high quality and stylish gear, none of them was offering such products and services at an accessible price point. According to them, this filling this gap in the luxury fashion market was a promising business venture and in response, they launched Fabletics in 2013.

The Fabletics brand creates clothing that inspires their customers to remain active. In this regard, the brand offers high quality on-trend designs at a competitive price. To further inspire their customers, the brand has created a community of people who live their passions every single day. such aspects have made the Fabletics brand to become one of the most successful luxury fashion brands in the market today.

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Martin Lustgarten is an Investment Banker to Watch

While the investment banking industry has many highly successful and popular investment bankers, one of the investment bankers that many people watch is Martin Lustgarten. Both a smart businessman and an excellent salesman, Martin Lustgarten has the rare ability to handle business deals and bring in new client business to investment banks.

This rare combination of business expertise and marketing skills have made Martin Lustgarten one of the most successful investment bankers in the industry. As the CEO of Lustgarten Martin, he has shown that the same investment banking expertise and know how that he used for other investment banks is working successfully for him at his own investment banking firm.

The investment banker is a unique position in the investment banking industry. What makes the position so unique and challenging is that it requires skills that are vastly different but needed for people to be successful investment bankers. The need for business expertise is essential because investment bankers must handle complex business tasks and make sound business decisions on a daily basis.

Also, in a totally different realm, investment bankers must be able to market investment banks to acquire new clients and generate new business. Generally two different positions would be used to handle these two different tasks, but an investment banker is expected to handle these two different tasks along with numerous other tasks in a exceptional manner.

An investment banker who can handle the various roles, responsibilities, tasks, and requirements placed on investment bankers is worth a great deal to any investment bank. This is why investment bankers are held in such high regard within the investment banking industry.Investment banks are on the constant lookout for investment bankers who can help investment banks succeed in a highly competitive industry. With a central focus on the talents of investment bankers, the investment banking industry is a great industry for outstanding investment bankers.

A challenging position with many benefits makes the investment banker someone who has a lot to do with the success of an investment bank. Many people can become investment bankers, but only a few people will become very successful investment bankers because of the challenges that investment bankers must be able to successfully overcome.