Danilo Diaz Granados Is An Expert In The Hispanic Investment Market

The Latino population in the United States has exploded over the last fifty years. In 1960, the Hispanic population was about six percent of the total population. In 2008, that number grew to 15 percent. In 2016, the estimated Hispanic population is more than 70 million, and that is not counting Puerto Rico. The Hispanic population is greater in California, Florida and urban areas of the Midwest, but even that fact is changing in 2016. Investment advisor Danilo Diaz Granados knows the depth of the Hispanic market. He has all the recent facts and figures. Danilo helps people invest in one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. Granados is currently an investment advisor with Fireman Capital Partners, but that’s not his only job. Danilo is a modern-day entrepreneur that specializes in the Hispanic luxury retail market.

According to CrunchBase, Granados graduated from Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts with a BS in Economics. He moved to Florida and discovered that the Hispanic retail market was primarily focused on people that were considered middle class. Granados decided to start a luxury boutique that catered to men that had money to burn. He called his new concept, Toys for Boys. His retail concept offered Hispanic men a place where they could buy expensive art, jewelry, exotic cars and other luxury items that were not available in the Hispanic market. Granados was working for a private equity firm at the time, so he had money to spend on inventory and that made a difference. His retail concept was a hit, and he decided to expand his entrepreneurial spirit.

Danilo is a film lover. He took several film course while he was in school. Granados thought a film company that focused on Hispanic interests and issues was long overdue, so he started Edge of Glory Films, a boutique film company that addressed Hispanic life in all parts of the world. Danilo was the editor, production director, distributor, and promoter for his film company. In 2015, Granados joined Fireman Capital Partners, but he still manages his other companies while he finds investments for his Hispanic clients.  Check out Danilo on social media, where he has a Twitter, and Instagram account.

GTL Integrity Called Into Question by Securus

Customers rely on company’s to be trustworthy and follow through with their promises. Securus maintains a good reputation in order to secure the A+ rating they get from the Better Business Bureau. They recently announced that they will be sending out press releases about wrongdoings of Global Tel Link. Both companies are in the same industry, and Securus fears that if customers mistrust GTL, then they will begin to distrust Securus.
These reports by PR Newswire explain how GTL may have added fees or times to customer calls. The first report is from 1998, when GTL was servicing Louisiana Department of Corrections. Some of the allegations include adding times to the calls or not capping the fees as mandated. These violations of integrity are serious and Securus wanted people to know. Richard A Smith, the CEO of Securus, said it wasn’t a mud slinging campaign. He felt that people needed to know this information, because it would not let customers think that it is all communications companies.

Securus is a leading company servicing correctional facilities across the US. They are known for having superior communications technology that helps to connect inmates to their families and correctional facilities run investigations. They continue to strive to improve customer service and their technology. See their CrunchBase page.

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