Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG Honored By City Council

Ricardo Guimaraes, a successful businessman and the former Chairman of Banco BMG, on 18th April 2011 received the City Council Merit Honor Diploma. Mr. Guimaraes was born in Belo Horizonte. He is the son to Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna and the grandson to Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, who was the founder of the bank in 1930. Mr. Guimaraes began his service at the bank in 1980 as an office assistant. In 1988, he went on to receive his degree in Business Administration from UNA. More on wiki.


The solemn ceremony to receive his Merit Honor Diploma was conducted by Daniel Nepomuceno. The award was delivered by the President of the House, Leo Bourgeois de Castro, who the applauded the work of Mr. Guimaraes. Mr. Bourgeois went on to cite the good work that Mr. Guimaraes had done at Atletico Mineiro when he has the President of the club between 2001 and 2006. The parliamentarian expressed his great satisfaction, recalling Ricardo’s Grand Collar of Legislative Merit Award in 2004.

Fred Costa went on to praise the exceptional qualities that made Mr. Guimaraes a successful businessman. He also went on to praise him for the support he has shown to the national sport as well as sponsorships of various athletes. In 2010, Mr. Guimaraes founded the Ricardo Soccer BR1, an investment fund to be used by football athletes. Considered the first in Brazil to be regulated by the Brazilian Securities Commission, the first year saw more than $20 million invested in buying the economic rights of various athletes from eight clubs. Due to this contribution, Fred Costa refers to BMG as “the national sport patrons.”

Alberto Pinto Coelho, the deputy governor, went on to state that the honor given was deserved by the Guimaraes family, as they were fully committed to sports development. He also stated that Guimaraes’ work had the seal of citizenship as well as commitment, a good example for society. The chair of the house then read the terms of the diploma, before handing it over to the honored. Fred Costa and Daniel Nepomuceno then handed a plate to Mr. Guimaraes. Dino Blog has the detail news.


As he offered thanks, Mr. Guimaraes pointed out that he was honored to continue the good work and tradition that was started by his grandfather. He also went on to state that his professional and family roots were in Belo Horizonte.

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