The Biography career of JSHF and José Auriemo Neto.

Jose Aureino Nato is a leader in the real estate industry in Brazil. He has remarkable input in building apartments, and business consolidation, the growth of shopping centers, five-star hotels, and international trade airports. The company was founded in 1972 and is identified through its consistency of identifying markets for the real estates. It focuses won the high-income generating group in Brazil.

Some of the key traits of the JHSF Company include creativity, boldness, starting up projects, in addition to its power to create flexible options to different areas. The company headquarters is in Sau Paulo. Additionally, it has branches in some major cities such as Miami, New York, and Salvador. Its main specialties include; Shopping malls, hotels, real estate development, Airport, and Luxury brands. JHSF company comprises of four main business units; Incorporation, Shopping Center, Airport, and Fasano Hotels and Restaurants.

The Shopping center division was created in 2001, making it the first company to integrate the Metro Cruz into a subway. In 2006, through cooperate restructuring it was the first company to create an integration of businesses such as Boa Vista and Metro Cruz. After the acquisition of a significant stake in Hotel Fasano, in 2007, the company came up with the hotel operations.

Jose Auriemo NATO has steered the growth of the company into great heights. During one instance he convinced his father, the director of JHSF to drive through the back into a piece of land that ultimately has become one of the leading high-end real estate ventures. The Marginal Pinheiros compound constitutes of a shopping mall and residential houses. The housing complex only generates about 1.74 billion revenue, and the shopping complex makes much more.

Jose has moved with his family to New York to a five star JHSF apartments and a hotel. The investment strategy is that the apartments will not be for sale; only available on rental basis. In 2009, Jose oversaw the JHSF first venture into retail and signing partnerships with Hermes and Pucci, opening the first luxury brand outlets. He has been a major partaker of JHSF development activities through innovative strategies.