Joys Of Best Friends

If you’re fortunate to have a best friend, then you know that you will probably go through various stages in the relationship.

Wengie said,when your best friend comes over, you usually hug each other and are happy to see each other. As you get more comfortable with each other, your best friend might just walk right inside the house and start sitting on your furniture or playing with your pets.

Listening to songs is something that you probably like to do together. When a song comes on, you might sing together or share the same feelings about the person who sings the song. You might even think you’re going to make a video together while the song plays. In reality, you’ll have different tastes in music, and you might want to change the station when one person starts singing.

Break ups are a bad thing at any point, and you want comfort from your best friend. You want a hug and to be reassured that you didn’t do anything wrong. However, your friend might start to think that the ex is cute or tell you that all men will do it at some point, not encouraging you in the slightest about your heartbreak.