Beneful’s Guide to Understanding Grains in Dog Food

Grains is an ingredient in dog good to give your dog energy. The starch, which is a complex carbohydrate, is broken down into glucose. However, there is a word of caution when selecting a dog food with grains as an ingredient.

All dogs have a short digestive tract. This means they can’t digest plant ingredients as well as humans. In addition to having a short digestive tract, they also don’t have the enzymes needed to consume cellulose. Cellulose is considered a complex carbohydrate in plants. For dogs to digest this grains, dog food manufacturers have to cook the grains. Remember, dog food manufacturers don’t always cook the grains in their dog food. If you pick this type of dog food, your dog could develop diarrhea.

An Alternative for Dogs Allergic to Grains
Grains aren’t used in every dog food made. When a dog suffers from bloating, diarrhea or gas because of grains, pet parents can choose an alternative. The alternative dog food brands may have different grains or none at all. Remember, no alternative exists for carbohydrates like tapioca, potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Also, switching to a no grain dog food may take trial and error. The best dog food in your opinion may not be your dog’s preference. The following is a short guide to determining the best dog food for your pet:

Always read the ingredients on the dog food label. Compare the list to any food intolerances or allergies your dog may have. Hopefully you know that latter.

Determine which ingredients are considered the “main ingredients.” Here’s a tip. The main ingredients are anything listed prior to the first fat ingredient listed.
Investigate the quality of each main ingredient. You want to look specifically at the meats and fats.

Consider avoiding dog food with grains listed as the first ingredient. The best dog foods have sources of protein and a variety of essential amino acids as the first ingredients.

Beneful is devoted to Keeping Your Pet Healthy
Beneful is fully aware of how hard it is for pet parents to conduct research and pick the best food for their dogs. It’s why we put together this mini guide to grains used in dog foods. Beneful dog food only has the highest quality ingredients. These ingredients are wholesome, real, and perfect for your dog’s health well-being and happiness.

We include accent ingredients in Beneful like barley, carrots, green beans and rice. We also include top quality meats like pork, beef, lamb and chicken.

Here’s a tip about making sure your dog is getting the best food. The Association of American Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO, has three main goals. It wants to safeguard the health of animals and people. It also wants to protect consumers. Lastly, it wants to provide a level playing field for the animal feed industry.

Thus, the AAFCO is a helpful guide in determining which foods are best for your dog.
It’ll give you a guide to what’s in your dog food.

Beneful Dog Treat Buying Guide

Beneful dog snacks help many people when they train their pets. Each snack is packed with flavor, so dogs will do many tricks so that they can receive a treat as a reward. Beneful dog treats are available in most grocery stores and pet stores. The company manufactures many traditional snacks and baked snacks.

Beneful Healthy Smile

Every Healthy Smile dog treat has a meaty center that has parsley accents. Dogs enjoy chewing these snacks because the middle of the shells have real meat. Consumers, however, buy this product because it keeps their pets’ teeth healthy and strong by reducing tartar and plaque build-up.

Beneful Healthy Smile – Twists

This product offers the same dental benefits as the original product. However, these snacks have a twisted shape. The unique design provides more parsley flavor in every bite.

Beneful Baked Delights

Beneful Baked Delights are oven-baked dog treats. Each snack has an apple-flavored filling in the middle and a bacon-flavored shell. Beneful also makes baked bacon and cheese snacks and baked chicken and cheese snacks. The baked beef and cheese treats have a different shell that is somewhat crispy.

Beneful Snacks as Training Tools

Beneful’s baked dog treats (Facebook) are efficient training tools since they have a compact size. Small treats are better than large snacks because pets must eat the treats quickly while they train.

Because Beneful manufactures different flavored dog treats, trainers can select various options for different pets. Usually, some dogs will response quicker if they like the flavor of a certain snack.

If a dog has dietary restrictions, standard dog food pellets can be used during the training sessions instead. Beneful offers a number of dog food options for dogs and puppies, so finding a proper product is never a hassle.

Overall, Beneful dog snacks can be used as a reward during training sessions or as a nice treat for a hungry dog.