Meghan Trainor Is All About the Country

In what dubbed “The reverse Taylor Swift-ception,” pop starlet Meghan Trainor is starting to make her way toward country music. In Wednesday night’s CMA Awards, Trainor took her earwig hit “All About the Bass” to the other side, performing a twangy version with country superstar Miranda Lambert.

The blonde duo brought some booty shaking to the country stage, though not as gratuitous as could have been on a pop stage. Trainor even looked the country part, complete with her leather jacket and big black boots, with Lambert a little more poppy. Both of them wore dresses with short skirts that amplified the effect of their hop movements.

Clips of the audience show faces of almost surprise, possibly at how well the crossover actually sounded. Overall, it was well-received by many. Co-host Brad Paisley even asked Trainor if she was planning to slowly crossover, to which she replied, “Yeah, sure.” Hey, someone has to take Taylor Swift’s place, now that she has gone pop with “Shake It Off!” I enjoyed her presence at the CMAs, and Susan was loling when Trainor mentioned TSwift’s crossover to pop.