Sawyer Howitt – Athlete and Entrepreneur

Racquetball is a very entertaining and competitive sport played by many people across the world. Sawyer Howitt has become one its most popular up and coming players in the United States. Howitt currently plays for The Racquet Club in Portland, Oregon. While only in high school, Howitt and the Raacquet Club gained great popularity. Howitt was able to make a deep run in the state playoffs.

Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) is not only a racquetball player but also an entrepreneur. He has managed to excel and grow through his high school and college years. Howitt is considered to be one of the best racquetball players in the United States. His love for racquetball has prompted him to start a blog where he journals about his game experiences. Racquetball enthusiasts consider the blog very informative. He includes tips, strategies and explanations on how to play the game effectively. The blog also provides information about the rules of the game, equipment, and analysis of past matches.

As most great athletes, Howitt is very dedicated to his craft. He spends on average four hours a week on his sport. He is considered to be a lower A or upper B racquetball player. He uses only the best in equipment, currently using a Gearbox GB-125 racquet which weighs 170 grams. Sawyer Howitt has accomplished much in his short career. With his work ethic and dedication, he is sure to be a major player in his field for many more years to come.

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