Doug Levitt Uses Greyhound Diaries To Show The Desperate Stories Of Travelers

As much as the U.S is a land of opportunities, it takes time for people to get accustomed to the country and make a life for themselves. For many years in the past people have been moving from neighboring countries to the country in hope to get better education and opportunities. The natives and citizens are also looking for these opportunities and hence the need to travel to new cities with more opportunities. There is desperation, desolation and weariness in these people as they are on the pursuit of finding something good for themselves. All these are captured and revealed in the Greyhound Diaries created and developed by Doug Levitt.



Doug Levitt was born and bred in Washington D.C. in a wealthy family. This gave him a chance to enroll in the London School of Business where he did international relations. Despite working for CNN and other big broadcasting corporation as an international reporter, after the death of his father, he wanted to live his dream, which is venture into the music industry, compose and sing songs. Which he began before his breakthrough into the diaries.



The Greyhound Diaries was launched after the 100,000 miles journey he took on his Greyhound Bus. On his way, he talked to the travelers and got to record and write their stories down. He was moved by state of desolate that Americans face as they travel from across the nation seeking greener pastures and the frustrations that they face. The uncertainties and dreariness is all captured and reveal in the diaries which constitutes of a book, web series and pictures.



Doug Levitt is an adventurous artist. He believes through the diaries he is able to show the world the struggles other people face and hope through the diaries he can impact the lives of other Americans. When people see and read the struggles others are facing, it reminds them not to take somethings for granted. Doug writes songs based on his experiences on the road with the strangers he shared stories with. His artistic side and skills in the Greyhound Diaries have been celebrated and enjoyed by many around the country.