Talk Fusion Takes the Online Video World By Storm

Talk Fusion is making waves as more and more consumers are seeing the benefits of switching from their old online video services. Talk Fusion is the video service founded by Bob Reina. Reina has made his career in relationship marketing, with over 20 years of experience. He was previously a police officer, having graduated at the very top of his class. He is the holder of a Criminology degree from USF. In 2007, Reina had a vision for a better, innovative video product.

The idea came about when he tried to send a short 10 second video to a friend of his back in 2004. In 2007, the video email product expanded into over 80 countries. It seems that people everywhere were just as surprised that such a service didn’t already exist and quickly purchased the new product. Thus, video was successfully integrated into emails and offered to the world.

Now, Talk Fusion has grown so successfully that it is a top 10 video provider, passing giant companies like Viacom, AOL, and Yahoo, just to name a few. The way the technology works is a large differentiaor from the competition. Instead of needing to download software or install a plugin, the user simply logs into a portal.

First, they record their video message. Next they hop online to the portal and upload the video. The user can then create the entire email in that exact same Talk Fusion portal. There are over 1,000 quality templates to choose from. And you can send to as many people as you like. The emails are saved in the cloud thanks to Talk Fusion’s technology and they can be accessed again at any time. Plus, if you’re not feeling very creative, there are pre-made videos that you can send customers and clients.

Talk Fusion is a DSA (Direct Selling Association) member and they adhere to the ethical guidelines set forth by the DSA. Because of their direct selling mantra, they are able to eliminate excess costs for consumers while providing amazing opportunities for their associates all around the world. Of course, their amazing product allows them to do this with pride.

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How Handy Saves the Day

Handy Cleaning Services is one of the best companies for people that want their homes cleaned at affordable prices. As someone that has tried a lot of other cleaning service companies, I am certain that this is one of the most reasonable organizations around.

I like what this company is able to do because it actually has a staff that helps you maximize your time. I know that I am able to spend a lot more time with my family because I have the ability to hire someone else to do the cleaning. Handy has a lot of contractors in places all over the world, and they always do a very professional job. I have lived in other cities where I have outsourced my cleaning with this organization, and I have never been disappointed. I have never had a single bad experience when it comes to this company and the workers that represent Handy. I can see why this company has gained the popularity it has received around the world.

I have friends in London that have talked about how pleased they have been with Handy Cleaning Services. I have been thrilled to learn that this company has so many different locations around the world that provide the same level of quality service regardless of where you are located.

Handy appears to have made a strong commitment to finding contract workers that follow the mission that this company has developed. It has employees that are capable of doing excellent work and providing top notch service for clients. This makes a big difference because it can be very easy for companies with contracted workers to get a bad name.

I believe Handy’s success is based on the variety of the jobs that the workers are able to do. Cleaning is obviously the core business that the organization takes on, but there are workers that are able to complete jobs like interior painting or hanging light fixtures. There are also electricians that are available for electrical work. There are even some plumbers in place through this organization that provide good service.

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I Believe That Handy Is The Best Cleaning Company Around

Keeping a clean home has never been one of my strongest points. My husband knows that I try my best to keep our home clean, but cleaning has been a lot harder since we had our second child. I was always calling around to find different companies to clean my home because none of them ever satisfied me. I had one company that always was late, even if they swore to be early the next time. Another company would change their rates every single week, even though they were doing the same work every single week. I had enough, and I turned to Handy.

Since I’m not a person who goes on the Internet much because I have two kids to look after, it was a friend who told me about the Handy company. I wasn’t certain that Handy would be any different from the other cleaning companies I hired, but Handy truly is a different company. I found that not only are the Handy workers punctual but also very cleanly, and they take a lot of care in what they’re doing when my children are running around. I tried my best to keep the kids in the room, but the oldest child took off running into the living room.

The Handy worker was vacuuming at the time, but she didn’t seem to mind the fact that my child was misbehaving and continued with her work. After all the work was completed, I took a look around my home and found that it was cleaner than I’ve ever seen it any other cleaning company. From what I’ve learned about Handy workers, they only get professionals that can clean a home to near perfection, and the people that work for Handy are experienced. The companies I hired in the past simply got inexperienced teenagers to clean my home.

I’ve worked with Handy to clean my home several times, and I’ve never been disappointed, and Handy is the first company with workers that I tip when they come out to my home. I’ve been so impressed with how my home is cleaned every time, so I never hesitate to tip, and the tips are always, at least, $10 or more. I never knew a company could be so good at what they do, but Handy proved me wrong because they can clean home well and are always on time. Follow Handy on Twitter and Facebook!!

Homejoy Inc. Folds as Competitor Handy Continues To Clean Up Messy Marketspace

Homejoy Inc officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy cover this week which has been expected for the last half a year. The case was filed this past Tuesday in San Jose, but comes five months after the company wrote in a blog post that it would be shutting down in the future. The home repairs and cleaning service focused on hooking its users up with repair and cleaning services.

It was first started in 2013 by siblings Aaron and Adora Cheung. They initially were able to gather $38 million in venture funding from a wide array of investors including Redpoint Ventures, Google Ventures, and more. The company served five countries when it closed down and was offering users access to $25 per hour house cleaning. It was working on expanding into carpet cleaning and home repair services as well.

One of its top competitors, Handy, is still moving right along despite facing some of the same struggles that HomeJoy has. Handy was started when its owner and CEO Oisin Hanrahan realized how hard it was to find home cleaning and repair services. He moved from the UK and Ireland to the US and found this was an international problem. Handy recently raised $50 million in funding and booked their one millionth customer.

He decided to build a solution with Handy, which is a platform that links those that provide services to those that need services. One main essential difference between Handy and other home repair and cleaning services like Homejoy is the heavily intensive screening process that service providers have to pass through. In fact, the selection rate for providers is quite low on Handy ensuring that customers are truly only linked to the best service providers which also creates amazing satisfaction levels.

Homejoy stated in their blog post in July that many different unresolved challenges have led the company to shut down. The founders stated that they had revenue challenges as well as worker classification lawsuits. In fact, startup companies have had a large issue with these lawsuits since changing employee classifications would drive the price of their labor costs up dramatically.

Handy Now Giving Customers The Option To Tip Cleaners

Handy, an on demand cleaning service is giving its customers the option to tip cleaners through its app. The company is the latest in a surge of new businesses that are taking advantage of the increasing popularity of on demand services. Founded in 2012, Handy offers on demand cleaning services and limited home repair services directly through an app or through its website. Their on demand cleaning services and home repair services are available in many major cities in the United States and the UK.

In the midst of a debate on tipping in restaurants, and a strike by fellow on demand taxi service workers in Uber that demand better pay and the option to tip online, Handy has developed a program that would allow its customers to tip workers they felt did an excellent job directly through an app or online instead of paying in cash.The development of a tip feature is a step forward that should have a positive impact on the cleaners who work for Handy and current customers.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to tip for on demand services such as Uber or Handy if a tip feature is offered with the service. Lyft, a competitor of Uber sees its drivers get tipped almost 50% of the time through its tip feature that is integrated into an app. Uber, which has no tip feature in its app, sees it drivers getting tipped only about 5% of the time and only in cash.

Handy reached the $50 million funding mark earlier this year. Handy’s co-founder Oisin Hanrahan believes that the online feature is an easier and better way to tip. You might not always have cash on hand with you or be present when a house cleaner is at your home. With the new online and app integrated tip feature, you can tip from anywhere if you feel you received an excellent service. Before you could only tip if you saw your worker, and that wasn’t very often. The new tipping feature should give a nice boost to the cleaning pros at handy, as they are called. Not that they are making a bad living for themselves, as the median wage for cleaners at the company is about $18 an hour with flexible hours. With Handy hitting one million a week in bookings this tip feature won’t go unnoticed!

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Big Changes To Workers Benefits Ahead? is among those hoping to raise the conversation about what fundamental benefits all workers should receive. Companies like Uber and Lyft have been in the news with problems due to the definition of their workers. These events have rippled into a larger issue of what rights every worker is entitled to regardless of the employment type. Some are now calling for a national debate into the subject, and others are looking for ways to remedy problems as quickly as possible.

CEO for Handy, a company providing on-demand residential services like cleaning and repairs, signed a letter to lawmakers that calls for a discussion about what kind of safety net contractual workers are entitled to have. Handy wants to do more to help their workers but understands that doing so with the current laws will force them to reclassify employees wreaking havoc on the structure of the business.

Handy has made big strides in 2015 and are looking to do even more. They’ve expanded their services received funding through Fidelity Management and hit the one million booking benchmark. Now they’re looking to move forward and update benefits for the over 10,000 professionals registered on their site!

This comes at a time when Congress seemed deadlocked on so many important issues. A democrat from San Francisco, David Chiu, hopes that his home state of California will take action sooner to progress the contractual workers’ agenda.

Another effort to help workers on this front comes in the form of a framework for how these types of businesses should treat their workers. Entitled the “Good Work Code”, this campaign works to teach a structure of ethical treatment towards those people providing new streams of revenue for micro job startups.

House cleaners, nannies, and others who work gig to gig have long since known about the lack of policy involved in this kind of employment. With so many more citizens looking to make money on their own terms, by registering with Handy’s app in their free time, what can the government do to help ensure the safety and security of all workers in the United States?

The Affordable Care Act has separated healthcare from employment and has made a path to bring benefits like workers’ compensation to the individual instead of to the company. Could this be the way of the future, and a policy that will help cover many more Americans in times of need? The answer is anyone’s guess as of now.

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When to Consider Hiring Handy

Handy is a cleaning company that has provided superior services to people of all ages and homes of all sizes. They have the professional backing that can help you to have a home that you absolutely adore and that provides you with a gorgeous house that is comfortable and clean. Many of us just do not have the time to do all of the house cleaning on our own. If your house is a bit dirty and you just do not have the time to keep up with its cleaning, it might be a good time to consider hiring the professionals at Handy.

Handy is a top cleaning company in the country because of the amount of clients they work with on a regular basis. You will find that hiring a professional company like Handy is far superior to hiring someone locally who may or may not be licensed, insured and even do a very good job at all. Handy is highly recommended to those who want a highly safe and reliable service that will get their home cleaned without all of the problems that come along with it.

You will want to consider hiring the experts at the Handy company if you are having issues with keeping your house as clean as it should be. You might be too busy to do the house cleaning or you might be older in age and not have the energy to keep up with a house of your size. These are both reasons for hiring the pros at Handy, and you might want to consider it for yourself if this is something that you have been struggling with for quite some time now. There are a lot of benefits to using an expert cleaning company, so be sure to consider it for your own doing at home.

When you make the decision to hire Handy, you are doing something that is going to benefit yourself, your time, your family and even your home. Getting the house professionally cleaned is especially important if you are planning to sell the home and have buyers coming and going all the time. You can feel good knowing that Handy has you covered and will do all of the cleaning work for you when you cannot do this on your own.

For when it is too much work to do the house cleaning yourself, you might want to consider hiring Handy. Handy is there for all types of homeowners and renters, and even those who might own a business office that they need to get cleaned routinely. There are a lot of benefits to working with expert cleaners, but the fact that they will do this major project for you and will be able to do it at a budget that you can afford makes it a pretty easy decision for you. You can contact the professionals at Handy to find out more about the services that they can offer to you and to anyone else out there who needs it.