ClassDojo: An Innovative App For Teachers, Parents and Kids!

ClassDojo is a brand new app that is fun for teachers, students, and parents. For years teachers have tried numerous methods to try and get their students more involved in participating and growing in the classroom environment, but now it is made simple. Kids love to be rewarded for their efforts and teachers love to see their pupils achieve great things and be successful. But throughout the hectic school day, sometimes it is hard for them to stop and give each individual student the affirmation that they deserve. ClassDojo makes this task exciting and easy.

The concept of this app is to provide convenience and order in the classroom in an entertaining way. Its ingenuity has closed a major gap between parents and teachers by allowing them to not only communicate easier to their child’s teacher through instant messaging directly in the app, but also see what their child is doing in class that day. Teachers can post pictures, activity updates, and even important upcoming events for parents to view each day allowing everything to be more organized. The students get involved by creating and customizing their own unique monster to use as an avatar and representation on the smart board. This allows them to participate and gets them excited to try and build their skills. The company even makes cute video shorts on YouTube encouraging kids to practice positive skill building.

With ClassDojo you as a parent no longer have to worry about vague answers from your children when you ask “how was your day?”. Your child will more than likely be excited to look at the app with you to see all of the points and achievements that they have obtained throughout the school week. This helps motivate children to try harder and perform better in school by boosting their self-esteem and making school fun for them.