Purina Savor is the Perfect Choice For My Best Friend

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about dog foods, and the right way to deliver nutrition to canines. Many have gone to the extent of cooking home-made foods for their pets, or spending insane amounts of money on “premium” dog foods. I have researched the subject only to find things wrong with every major top brand. All I know is that I love my dog, and I want the best for him just like my girlfriend along with the rest of my family. This is why I switched my dog to Purina Savor.

I have tried many top of the line brands on Multivu as food for my hound only to find that he raises his nose at the more expensive kinds. He really seems to go for the cheaper foods, but I assume that is due to the same reasons why people love fast food. I came across Savor after my mother told me she had switched her dogs to it. I noticed that my dog seemed to really enjoy the food right away. I prefer to buy my puppy the chicken recipe, and will usually give him a quarter can of wet Savor food to keep things interesting. My dog’s coat is great, and he has no digestion issues. He is always a happy dog, and I have noticed nothing wrong with this food. It also makes me happy that the first ingredient is chicken, and not some kind of filler.

I believe research is important for finding the food that best fits the individual dog, but personally I would recommend trying Savor for any animal. Purina Beneful has a variety of premium dog foods available for older, younger, and sensitive type dogs. This brand of dog food offers quality along with affordability. A cup for each meal is all that I need to keep my hound happy, and for 40-50 dollars I have enough dry food for months. Purina Savor is sold at many major pet stores, and if you do your homework it becomes obvious that Purina is a great choice for dogs.

Overall I would agree that feeding a dog a completely homemade diet would be the best option to go, but I simply do not have the time, space, or money to go about doing that. My dog is one of the most important beings in my life, and I would do anything in my power to keep him happy, and after my experience with Purina Savor I believe that this is the best option for this guy’s dog. Don’t just take my word for it, and go do some research on the subject. You will be pleasantly surprised by what Purina really has to offer your dog.