Mullen Lowe’s José Henrique Borghi is a Respected Member of Brazil’s Advertising Industry

Brazil has one of the most creative advertising platforms in the world. Many of the ads campaigns used by American Express, Honda, Unilever, Mitsubishi, and others got their start in the Brazilian advertising market. The men and women who are part of the ad campaigns in Brazil are capable of creating ads that millions of people relate to and support. One of those people is José Henrique Borghi. When Borghi’s name comes up in ad meetings, big corporations know they are getting one of the most creative people in the advertising and marketing business. Borghi played a role in developing ad campaigns for companies like Hyatt, Mattel, Ikea, Harley Davidson, Google, JetBlue, Royal Caribbean, Western Union, Johnson and Johnson and General Motors and other international corporations.

José Henrique Borghi started his ad career in 1989. He became a Vice-President of the Leo Burnett Agency. He was named president of that agency in 2002. José is one of those people who loves what he does, so he formed the Creative Intelligence Agency with another advertising great, Erh Ray. In 2006, Borghi and Ray merged with Lowe Advertising Agency, and Borghi was named president. Mr. Borghi continued to shine after the merger and the Mullen Advertising Agency liked what Borghi’s was doing. The Mullen Ad Agency is present in several markets outside of Brazil, and the board wanted more coverage in Brazil, so another merger took place. Mullen Lowe became the Borghi/Lowe Agency in Brazil, and Borghi was named Co-CEO with André Gomes. Gomes was the VP of Mullen’s Rio de Janeiro office. Mullen’s Rio and São Paulo offices are the flagship offices.

Borghi’s responsibilities at Mullen Lowe Brasil include overseeing social media, public relations, design planning, digital marketing, mobile marketing, and performance analytics. José uses a hyper bundle approach that includes parts of all of those elements of advertising to create advertising campaigns.

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José Henrique Borghi Is A Reputable Advertising Consultant

Are you having trouble getting customers and increasing your revenue? Do you need expert assistance in order to increase your sales and boost profits? A reliable ad agency can help you accomplish that. José Henrique Borghi is a great choice for anyone who wants to gain exposure in the marketplace.

José Henrique Borghi has developed highly effective advertising programs to help business reach their target audience. José Henrique Borghi has been developing marketing and promotional strategies for clients. José Henrique Borghi renders excellent advertising services to companies, establishments and entrepreneurs. His advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, is one of the most renowned in Brazil.

Advertising is used by smart marketers and organizations to attract attention and generate interest in their offers. If you are marketing a product or service, or if you simply want to get a specific audience to visit your website and check out the awesome content you’ve created, you can do so through effective advertising .

Advertisements, whether they are placed on the Internet, on television, or in print, usually can be successful if they are properly created and implemented. But many small business owners, and even some big businesses, do not have the talent or resources to develop and executive effective advertising campaign and so they turn to advertising agencies for help.

José Henrique Borghi has excellent marketing skills and a good understanding of the advertising industry. José Henrique Borghi is creative, innovative, and dedicated to obtaining great results for his clients.

Done right, advertising can benefit your business in many ways. With the service provided by a reliable advertising agency, you’ll not have to worry about marketing strategies and ad campaign management. Get in touch with José Henrique Borghi to learn more about his advertising services, and how to get started promoting your business , product or service.

Contribution of José Borghi to Brazilian Advertising

José Borghi is a Brazilian native born in Presidente Prudente. José has become an icon in the advertising industry through creating unforgettable events and customizing them with his clients’ brands. Initially, José never dreamt of being in the advertising industry, but when he got an invite from his sister to assist in helping her choose the right path to follow in Cannes, he got attracted by the commercial displays of It’s a scene that sparkled a new dream of joining the advertising industry.

After successfully attaining his academic credentials in advertising from PUC-Campinas, José was full of ideas though his financial muscles were feeble. This didn’t hinder him from scooping his first job at the agency Standard Ogilvy as the editor. After a while, José moved to a series of other advertising agencies where he continued to prove himself as able and optimistic in the advertising industry. When working at the Talent $ Leo Burnett, José met Erh Ray who after exchanging ideas founded their agency BorghiErh.

At the time of the startup, José and Erh had no investors and no banks to finance them but still, their urge for success saw them through the hard times. In 2006, Lowe saw their effort and offered to partner with the duo creating a new partnership company Borghi Lowe. José being an equality ambassador split his presidency with Erh, a move he thought would make the business extend from diverse strategies. Over the years, the agency has received praises from the domestic and international markets making them be listed among the best ad companies. Recently, the company partnered with Lowe group and Mullen agency enlarging its service territories even closer to the clients.

The Borghi Lowe got a series of changes after joining up with Mullen and Lowe agency giving it its new name Mullen Lowe. José Borghi and Andre Gomes are the CEOs of the agency. José is a firm believer that success doesn’t come on a silver platter, and that one has to work himself out to achieve his desires. Over the years, José’s effort has been recognized through awards and accreditations from various institutes which have seen the change and enthusiasm José Borghi brought to the Advertising Industry. for more.

Lori, The Ads Legend.

The advertising industry is one of the largest industries today, and there is stiff competition from the various advertising firms available. Heading an advertising company one might think requires a big and rather aggressive personality, but Lori Senecal seems to prove this notion wrong. She has neither trait, but for some reason, she always leaves an undeniable mark in whichever firm she steps her foot.

She has earned herself quite a reputation as a leader that can turn things around, going to firms at their most critical transition time but always seems to emerge head strong with solutions. Lori is currently the CEO at CP+B where she happens to head global growth and expansion and coordinates the firm’s nine international offices.

Since joining the firm in 2015, she has made tremendous strides making the agency truly modern. She focused on her talent by helping the firm in its growth and development. Her unique and innovative skills led to CP + B to being crowned “Creativity Innovators of The Year” and her among the four “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016.

According to Huffington Post, Lori has an impressive resume as prior to her current role; she served as president and CEO of the MDC Partner Network. Before joining MDC, she was the Global Chairman and CEO of kbs+ and just before kbs+ was the President of Flagship New York office of McCain Erickson. These are just but a few of her professional accomplishments that highlight her expertise in the advertising industry.

Apart from her role in the managerial posts, Lori Senecal is actively involved in promoting women. She elevated four female creative designers at Crispin in this respect. She is a symbol of the strength and success that women bring as executives.

Behind the strong executive, Lori admits she is rather shy, and it is this trait the forms her approach to clients. She stated that a less flashy approach works and that chemistry and authenticity have a great deal of influence on the clients. Her personality brought a sense of calm to CP + B. She inspires everyone she touches. She’s just the best CEO you can ever have.

To learn more about Lori Senecal, visit her Fast Company profile.