Former Lacrosse Athlete Lends his Time to Help ARAS

Jon Urbana has begun a new charity drive to benefit his community. Through CrowdRise, a donation gathering website, Mr. Urbana has begun to raise money for an animal shelter known as ARAS. Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a shelter that is specifically for cats, but one of the most important things is that ARAS is one of the few shelters that has a strictly no kill policy. This means that the shelter will care for the animals that they receive for as long as it takes to find a new and loving home.

Jon Urbana has become one of the most well known young airmen, and one of the best professional lacrosse players ever. He was extremely well revered as a Wildcat, and now, since he has retired, Mr. Urbana has become a well regarded entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Urbana’s most successful venture is a series of training camps called Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camps take place in Colorado, where Mr. Urbana headquarters all of his enterprises. While they focus on developing lacrosse skills for youth around the nation, the camps also act as a development and maturation program, with thousands of long term skills and lessons that can be learned on Facebook (you’ll need to friend him).

Although Mr. Urbana has supported several different charities since his professional lacrosse days (full list at, the most recent initiative focuses on the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society through his Crowdrise Campaign. If you’ve got 90 seconds to spare, you’ll learn more from this video than I can teach you with my words.

The reason this specific shelter was chosen by Mr. Urbana is said to be due to the fact that this is a no kill shelter. In being a no kill establishment, the costs for running and maintaining operations are higher than other shelters. Long term philanthropy is required to be able to safely and effectively house so many lost or abandoned animals for a long time. In some cases the animals may never be adopted, which means that those pets require food, toys and safety for years and years. The main goal is to find a new home for those kittens and cats to be taken care of, which requires the shelter to use some funding for marketing and community education, to get their name out into the community. Once this has been achieved there is more chance of adoptions.

For more info, visit Jon’s blog¬†and follow @jonurbana1 on Twitter.