Tom Parks Wants to Help Others

A 24 year-old woman named Molly Parks from Maine recently passed away reports Ray Lane of NBC. This young woman lost her life from a drug overdose while on heroin. After Molly passed away, her family was devastated, but sadly they were not surprised. Molly’s father Tom Parks said that he’s going to do things different with his daughter’s death. Tom said that he won’t hide how his daughter died, and he will tell the world the truth. Tom wants to help others by letting the world know how dangerous drugs can be.

Tom Parks wrote a blunt obituary about his daughter, and he confessed that his daughter died from drugs. Tom said that Molly has done drugs for about 5-years, and she had many near death experiences before. Right before Molly died, she quit college because she was so focused on doing drugs. Molly’s addiction got worse, and she ruined her life because of the choices that she made. Tom said that Molly was a regular girl growing up, and she loved red lipstick and Harry Potter. Tom Sparks told Facebook users to help anyone they can. Tom’s message has gone viral, and he hopes his message will save people. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Should Drug Treatment Centers Focus on Self Control?

Many recovering addicts suffer from transferring the high that they receive from their favorite drug or drink onto another habit, such as eating. Most recovering addicts are personified as chain smoking coffee drinkers. However, many move to a sugar high to stimulate their brains for a somewhat familiar boost.

For more information please try this website. Treatment centers are beginning to focus on holistic avenues of teaching healthy eating and grocery shopping skills. However, other experts feel that the priority is eliminating the drug use, and the addict can focus on weight loss issues at a more convenient time. Some experts report that relapses can occur when a person finds their self miserably overweight. Rehabilitation centers should attempt to focus on the element of self-control, so that their patients do not turn into shopaholics or become morbidly obese. Additional coping mechanisms are a beneficial feature of any program.

Treating the addiction should include locating the source of the problem, as well as pinpointing the aspects that lead the individual to chase a constant high. That’s only logical, and people like myself who have battled addiction can tell you that the road isn’t easy. But with the help of great friends like Alexei Beltyukov, anything is possible.