Thor Halvorssen’s Nuanced Political Views

Thor Halvorssen wants to educate you about how governments run. There is a whole lot of noise out there perpetuated by the mainstream media that makes it sound like there are only two sides — conservative and liberal. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many ways to run the government and there are dozens of different types of governments across the planet. And while we could sit here and argue about what type of government is best, there is no disputing the ingredients for governmental catastrophe.

Thor Halvorssen, the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation, brought this to my attention in a compelling Fox News interview last year. The interview was full of confusion. Fox News seemingly brought the human rights activist on in order to bash Bernie Sanders and his democratic socialist agenda.

You see, Thor Halvorssen’s father was taken political prisoner in Venezuela when he was a freshmen in college. His father was held for more than 70 days and beaten during his imprisonment. The government of Venezuela at the time just so happen to be socialist. Fox News assumed that Thor Halvorssen hated socialism because of this experience. They were wrong.

It seems that the human rights activist is actually fairly conservative. During the interview, he expressed his belief in free-market capitalism. But he blew everybody away, including me, when he said that he donated the maximum amount to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. He then went on to say that socialism itself is not a danger. That’s when he laid down the rules for governmental catastrophe, and I so happen to agree with him.

Real governing problems stem from a lack of separation of powers. Here in the United States, we have three distinct branches of federal government — judicial, legislative and executive — each with its own special sets of powers. Some of these powers overlap to become checks and balances. But a lack of separation of powers and checks and balances is the recipe for disaster. This is when authoritarians abuse human rights with unchecked, unilateral power. This is what we should all despise.

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How Thor Halvorssen Fights Against Oppression Around The World

A Personal Cause For Him

Thor Halvorssen’s insistence on fighting for human rights across the world isn’t something he simply does for fun or to put his name in headlines. His family has experienced the effects of authoritarianism for themselves and he wants to create a world where such dictators cannot come into power. In a world without these dictators we would have open societies where people are free to choose how they will live their lives and choose a station of life different from the one they are born into.

How He Fights Back

He accomplishes much of his work through the Human Rights Foundation. Founded in 2004, the Human Rights Foundation focuses on cases of abuse and oppression found throughout various autocratic regimes in the world. One day might focus on political prisoners in Venezuela, but another day might focus on LGBT rights in Uganda. The work that Thor Halvorssen has done has naturally attracted attacks from the regimes he criticizes. At times he has even experienced misfortunes for his attempts to fight these oppressors. This isn’t an easy job but it is a job that someone needs to do.

Where He Stands Today

Today, Halvorssen is focused on trying to expand his influence and find new ways to reach people suffering under dictators. He accomplishes much of his work through documentaries and other means of getting his message out. When people are made aware of a better way of living they will usually choose it. Open societies offer people a chance to choose how they want to live their lives and a way out of oppression. He doesn’t have an easy job to do, but Thor Halvorssen wakes up everyday ready to face the world head on and decide exactly what he needs to do.