Shifting Mozambique Coal Industry

The Rise and Fall of the Mozambique Coal Industry

For many countries, the industry of fossil fuels has been what has kept their respective economies alive. The coal industry, for example, is what the African nation of Mozambique has needed.

The coal industry, which was once booming for Mozambique, however has seen its coal rush now sadly come to an end. It was only a few years ago that the country had made tons of money due to the immense wealth of inland coal and natural offshore gas, billions of dollars pumped into the economy to be exact.

Now, according to an analyst named Kenneth Griffin at a coal conference in Maputo, the coal rush is over, mainly because of lower prices, unusually high expectations from the industry and being transported around in an outdated and inadequate rail system. However, in spite of the coal industry losing money and being very costly, the natural gas industry is what is starting to make a good run here. Specifically, industries are now looking at gas that can be found offshore.

Despite this, several coal mining permits have been issued, regarding the transportation of coal from the Tete Province in Mozambique to Johannesburg, South Africa though only 11 mining concessions have actually been approved. This is due to the fact that only a handful of companies have the funds necessary to do such projects, one of which is a Brazilian mining company called Vale, which has an advantage due to having some cultural ties with Mozambique.

Keith Mann battles cancer without the use of conventional medicines

Keith Mann is a well known animal rights activist who has been fighting to help save animals from mistreatment for the majority of his life. Mann has recently been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer known as follicular lymphoma that it is possible could be treated using conventional medicines. However, because of the strong stance Keith has taken on animal rights throughout his life he is not seeking the help of medicines that may have been tested on animals and will instead be pursuing natural remedies, an article posted to Buzzfeed reports.

Keith Mann’s career as a campaigner for animal rights has taken him in a number of different directions, including to stand in the 2008 general election as a candidate for the Animal Welfare Party, which former CNN host Piers Morgan recently backed. Mann has been arrested on a number of occasions because of his beliefs that animals have rights, which began when he completed a short work placement while at school. Working at a dairy farm Mann asked why the cows were making a noise similar to crying and was told they were grieving for the calves taken from them to increase milk production.

His beliefs have led Keith Mann to question how he will treat his own form of cancer, which can be treated but has no known cure. Instead of using medications created by pharmaceutical companies whose practices he opposes Mann will instead seek the use of natural remedies such as Gerson Therapy to aid his fight and is seeking contributions to his treatment made through his Website.

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