The OSI Group

OSI is a world of food solutions. They are a global supplier of food products to retail food brands and foodservice. OSI has extensive capabilities, such as custom product development and supply chain management. They can deliver products to maximize a company’s opportunity. OSI has more than 65 facilities in 17 countries focused on maximizing products that will ensure customers world-wide will have a quality experience.

The capability of custom food processing is very helpful to customers. Many businesses have specific demands, specifications, and requirements that OSI can create with convenience. OSI supplies beef, poultry, pork, seafood, produce, pizza, and baked goods. Custom specialties can be created for any meal of the day, snacks, appetizers, and desserts.

OSI is very concerned with sustainability in their food industry and global supply chain. They are always exploring ways to improve. OSI strives to maintain positive relationships with social, environmental, and economic areas. The efforts made by OSI have been recognized by the food industry. Employee Health and Safety was honored in Spain, Poland, and UK. They also were recognized for helping with Literacy in the USA and Children’s Cancer Charity in Germany. Environmentally OSI received the California Green Business Award and a Globe of Honor in the UK. OSI received many other awards in different areas also, such as energy and air emissions.

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AT OSI Group employees are the success of the company and thats why this company offers stimulating, challenging, and regarding opportunities. For over 100 years quality products have been being delivered and that is because of the diverse workforce at this company.

OSI employs people that share the thought that everyone can make a difference. They also have programs in place to help develop successful employees to their highest potential. In Europe they have a Graduate Program and an Employee Development Program.