New Jericho Network Program “Beyond The Darkness” Announced On PodcastOne

The Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, announced in a press release that the popular Jericho Network on the website will launch a new show, “Beyond the Darkness”. The Jericho Network is a popular network on PodcastOne that features Chris Jericho of WWE fame.

“Beyond the Darkness” will feature spooky mysteries, ghostly encounters, angels, demons, aliens, and other paranormal phenomena. The shows is meant to both educate and entertain listeners with conversations including notable researchers and people who say they have personally experienced these types of phenomena. The show will be hosted by radio host and author Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, who is a radio producer and host. A new episode is scheduled to be released every Monday and will be available on the PodcastOne App, PodcastOne’s website, and iTunes.

When making the announcement Norman Pattiz said that Chris Jericho’s network has quickly become one of the most popular ones on PodcastOne. The network started out mostly focused on wrestling but, as Pattiz expected, it now has comedian podcasts and now a paranormal one.

Chris Jerricho stated that he’s really looking forward to the release of “Beyond the Darkness” on his network and will enjoy working with Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis as they’re some of the best in the business. Another bonus of bringing in Schrader and Dennis is that both radio hosts have massive fan bases that will add to the Jerricho Networks listening audience.

Norman Pattiz founded radio industry giant Westwood One in the late 1970’s. With him as the Chief Executive Officer, Westwood One grew into the largest radio empire in the United States with programming including sports, talk, news, and entertainment. He also founded Courtside Entertainment Group which focuses on supplying basketball programming.

Mr. Pattiz founded PodcastOne in 2012 when he recognized the untapped potential that online on-demand audio delivered. Under his leadership, PodcastOne has become the premier location for podcasts with a wide range of talent including Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette, Dr. Drew, Shaquille O’Neill, and many others.

Among the industry honors that Norman Pattiz has received was being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He has also received a Giants Of Broadcasting Award, given to him by the Library of American Broadcasting. Pattiz was also appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Clinton and reappointed to another term by President Bush.

Follow Norman Pattiz on Twitter at @norman_pattiz.

Cotemar Mexico’s Wonderful Services & Work Opportunities

Cotemar’s Services

Cotemar has been in the oil industry services for over 38 years. Since its launching, Cotemar has provided services with the use of specialized vessels to Petróleos Mexicanos and in offshore oil fields.

They use three strategic lines which group top notch, specialized services in accordance to the corresponding division. These three strategic lines include modernization, construction, and maintenance and engineering. They focus on the innovation and modernization of their customers’ processing centers and platforms within offshore installations ranging from prefabrication and assembly to the service lines and equipment. This is done with the dynamic, semi-submersible, positioning platforms’ support that can move swiftly between complex systems to offer the best service.

With their marine and specialized support boats, Cotemar offers the transportation of food, light materials, and personnel. They also have fire-fighting tow ships, barges, and tow ships to transport big structures. All of their vessels have monitoring and inspection of their operational critical variables to ensure safety of the personnel and facilities that operate these variables.

With the food and lodging, these services are provided on the coast in their platforms and boats. These services consist of washing and ironing, food preparation, bedding services, and cleaning of common areas in each room. With their suppliers, they keep great relations with them by developing access where they can find the necessary updated information and consultation generated for fulfilling each supplier’s purchasing cycles. Cotemar also gives a complete brochure that will give more details of all the services they offer for one’s perusal.

Working at Cotemar

Many employees of Cotemar like working for them. They like how the company offers a pleasant work environment by ensuring that there is a great limitation of accidents. Also, the employees like how committed the company is to them and the excellent lodging and food they offer. Many reviews expressed how the company is reliable and responsible to their employees, and they liked that they provide great off days to them.

Their employees are trained on safety and work, and the company equips them with skills on being responsible at work. Cotemar takes pride in that their strength lies in the commitment and experience of all their employees, and they take care of them. Cotemar has training programs and current positions opened.

When Exploring Hair Conditioners, Give WEN By Chaz A Whiz

Messy hair loved by nobody and some days it just feels impossible to get rid of. When it really becomes frequent, it may be time to reconsider which conditioner and shampoo you’re using. A lot of shampoos and conditioners claim to make your hair look and feel brand new, but not too many have done it like Wen Hair by Chaz. This conditioner has become highly recommended and used by many hairstylists and cosmetologists, but if you still want the word of an actual customer you might want to read what this girl had to say about it at

In summary of what the user said, this conditioner had an immediate effect as soon as it entered her hair in the shower and it could be felt. WEN by Chaz only uses natural ingredients and has never been tested with any artificial or harmful substances and it has never been experimented on animals. The user also said her hair often felt thicker and softer once it dried after using WEN by Chaz, and even her friends on Friday night noticed something a bit different about her. Her only setback was saying that the product was only best if used every day and could wear off if you showered at night and went to bed.

WEN by Chaz hit the markets after a man with a creative spirit and eagerness to try something new created it. That man was Chaz Dean, an artist in his own right who moved from photography to cosmetology when he found himself fascinated by beautiful hair, and he’s also a caring man who loves dogs. After completing his training at a cosmetics school in Los Angeles, he opened up a salon where he uses the product on his clients which include notable movie actresses and singers. All WEN by Chaz products are sold online on eBay, Guthy-Renker and and can be found at some brick and mortar stores.

Goettl Long Experience in Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning Company has been operating for more than 70 years. The organization began in Phoenix, Arizona and in the end moved to assume control operations in Las Vegas. Goettl was established in 1939 by the two Goettl siblings (brothers). They have had several years of experience in managing the tough weather circumstances within the Southwestern United States.

Thus, Kenneth Goodrich has been perceived for driving his organization to helping many individuals in need of the opportunity. Goodrich has likewise been engaged in numerous altruistic causes all through his vocation. For instance, he established the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment that offered veterans and students grants to go to classes in HVAC. The organization likewise gave free air conditioners to institutions that were vandalized and ransacked. The company additionally stood out for giving $100,000 worth of apparatuses to the College of Southern Nevada.

Goettl is a HVAC administrations organization offering remarkable air conditioning & heating services in the entire Las Vegas, Southern California territories, Phoenix, and Tucson. Built up in 1939, Goettl provides the most noteworthy quality AC & heating equipment, repair, maintenance and replacement services. Goettl is an organization dedicated to its clients, with an emphasis on giving the most appropriate home environmental arrangements. The services range from matching clients with the proper sizes & cost air conditioner to offering humidifier combinations and perfect air cleaner with the aim of making homes much comfortable and safe.

The company ensures clients can relax with the significant serenity knowing their houses remain comfortable in all weather conditions. Likewise the company provides, all around heating systems, effective duct system, indoor air-quality framework, and appropriately fixed attic that prevent extra heat from penetrating the house. As a HVAC industry pioneer, Goettl’s has been molding the air conditioning & heating sector for a long time.


White Shark Media Provides Reliable Advertising Solutions

Are you in need of professional advertising monitoring? Do you wish to find a distinguished team of PPC advertising specialists to help you achieve your goal? Trying to figure out why White Shark Media is top rated firm in the industry? White Shark Media is a renowned advertising solutions provider.


There are many companies out there that provide advertising solutions, including PPC advertising management but it is extremely important to opt for a company that has an established history of rendering excellent services to clients.


White Shark Media offers free Adwords evaluation and campaign set up lessons to both beginners and advanced users of PPC advertising campaigns. If you are looking for a system that will provide instant traffic and help grow your business enterprise, consider pay per click, or PPC, advertising.


Pay per click is a popular and recommended form of online business organization advertising. If you are not using PPC advertising in your organization you are definitely missing out on a highly rewarding opportunity.


You need to opt for a PPC management company that can give you with proven techniques and show you what to do, and what to avoid. With poor campaign management, you can spend a huge amount of money, obtain many visits to your website, and end up with poor conversions.


White Shark Media is a highly regarded advertising agency with a goal focused on providing the highest level of PPC ad campaign maintenance in the field. The company strives to establish mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships with their clients.


White Shark Media sets up custom advertising strategies uniquely designed to meet the specialized marketing and advertising objectives of each client. Contact the team at White Shark Media right away to schedule a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.


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Ricardo Tosto: Choosing A Competent Lawyer In Brazil

If you need legal assistance or advice in Brazil, it is a good idea to get a reliable lawyer. Having an experienced lawyer on your side will surely benefit you in many ways. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned Brazilian lawyer and he can provide the help you need.

For business or corporate law matters in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto can help you. Business and corporate lawyers handle cases involving business issues, commercial property, employment law and corporate law.

It is important you conduct extensive research prior to hiring a lawyer. When deciding to get a lawyer, whether for personal or business matter, it is extremely important to hire someone that has a proven track record in the industry.

With so many lawyers rendering services to clients, you’ll want to make sure that your potential lawyer has the qualities and characteristics of a reliable professional. Take the time to investigate the lawyer’s background and then determine if he or she has the qualities you’re seeking in a legal representative.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a popular attorney and expert in corporate law and business law. Ricardo Tosto has practiced litigation for years and comes highly recommended in Brazil. He has rendered superior legal solutions to a variety of clients and aims for the best outcome.

Ricardo Tosto represents all types of businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations in their transactions and in legal proceedings. Ricardo Tosto also represents institutional and individual investors in disputes and litigation matters.

Vinny Parascandola Has Decades Of Insurance Experience

The need for insurance is something that almost all adults think about whether young or old. Insurance is an important aspect of life for most people because it provides assistance in case of accidents or other events that occur in life. Insurance such as health, automobile, home, and life insurance provide financial help for people related to type of insurance coverage that is purchased.

Without some form of insurance, many people would encounter serious problems related to expenses involving situations such as a house fire, car accident, or medical emergency. Insurance serves a variety of purposes for people who have insurance. However, one of the most important aspects of insurance is financial help. The financial help that insurance offers is one of the main reasons why people purchase insurance.

In relation to the financial assistance that insurance provides, this assistance gives people who are insured a safe feeling knowing that if something unexpected did occur they would have something to fall back on to help them financially. Many people have lost a lot because of bad situations that have occurred in their life such as a death in the family, serious accident, or damage to their home.

One of the top insurance companies that provides people with insurance to protect them in case of various situations that can happen in life is AXA Advisors. An international company that has multiple offices located around the world, AXA Advisors has been providing insurance to people for over 100 years. The company has a rich tradition of helping people with their insurance needs.

Since AXA Advisors has many offices, the company has to have quality management to ensure that the offices are ran well and provide the level of service that is expected internally and externally. One of the executives at AXA Advisors who is helping the company to continue to be one of the most successful brands in the insurance industry is

Vinny Parascandola.

An insurance veteran with over two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Vinny Parascandola brings a great deal of insurance knowledge and business know how to AXA Advisors. He is a top level executive in the New York office of AXA Advisors.

Smart Shopping with Fabletics

Searching for that perfect outfit to wear to the gym shouldn’t take so much time to shop for, that you don’t have time to actually hit the gym. It also shouldn’t cost for than your budget can afford. To find the quality of clothing that will last, that is also stylish and trendy, many people believe you need to spend a small fortune on the expensive, high-end apparel brands. However, thanks to Fabletics, this is not longer the case. They offer high-quality clothing that can be compared to the expensive brands, but they sell them at a fraction of the cost. Plus, their website it easy to use and makes shopping for that perfect outfit simple and easy, saving you both time and money.


To become a member at Fabletics, you are offered a discounted outfit to get you started with your membership. You then take a quiz to help determine your lifestyle and exercise preferences. This helps narrow down the outfit choices on their website to customize outfits that you would most prefer. Then, each month, personalized outfit choices will be emailed to you to pick from, or you can choose your own. Once you choose your two to three piece outfit, it will be shipped to you for your low monthly membership cost. This makes shopping easy and saves you quite a bit of time shopping. You are always sure to get an outfit you’ll love that is trendy and stylish, and most importantly, comfortable.


The main reason that members come back month after month, is the great quality of clothing that you receive. Everyone likes getting a bargain. When you feel like a smart shopper, you come back for more. With the help of actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is always offering the latest styles and trends, so you will always look fantastic. You can wash your outfits as often as needed, and they will retain their color, shape, and compression. This will ensure that you will look great and have the support from your clothing that you need to have a great workout. Living a healthy and active is important to living the best life you can.


Fabletics online store has been successful enough to take on industry giants like Amazon, and become a multimillion dollar company in just a few years. They have decided to take that success and open physical stores. These stores add another layer of customer service for their customers. Their members can come in the stores and see the clothing before they decide on what to purchase. They implement a reverse showroom technique to be successful online and in their stores. Many companies lose business when customers come in their stores, but ultimately purchase online when they find it cheaper. For Fabletics, it doesn’t matter if their customers buy online or in store. When customers shop in store, their items go in their online shopping cart as well. Then they can decide whether to purchase in store or online. They simply are giving their customers more options and learning about the communities that they serve.

Equities First Short Term Financing

Many people today need help with their finances. Borrowing money may seem like a bad idea, but it could be just the thing that you need to get out of a financial slump. Over the years, Equities First has provided a great service to customers in a variety of areas. If you own a business and have a high net worth, you may have all of your cash tied up in business investments. Instead of going out and having to get a loan for a short term issue, working with Equities First on the financing that you could get to get you out of your current situation. Many times, it makes much more financial sense to do things this way. Not only that, but you can start to make an impact in the lives of others in your business when you do not have to worry about money.

Borrowing Options

There are a lot of borrowing options when it comes to your finances. Not only that, but you have to be willing to invest in trying to figure out how to plan you financial plans in the future. Equities First is a company that is committed to providing quality customer service in any way that they can. With that being said, they are also hoping that their customers are ready and willing to make good financial decisions going forward. If you are struggling with some financial situation that you are currently in, there is hope with Equities First.

However, you need to make sure you have a long term plan for your finances as well.Many people do not think of rich people when they think of borrowing money. However, Equities First is a company that is exclusively concentrating on people who have a high net worth when it comes to borrowing money for the future.


Outlining The Career Of A Political Strategist And Lobbyist, Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist, political fundraiser, and a skilled strategist. She has been a major force in Texas’ political scene ever since she began working as a chief of staff at the age of 21. Andrea McWilliams offers government affairs consultancy. She is respected nationally for her lobbying endeavors. As a leading Texas lobbyist, Andre works with her husband, Dean McWilliams to develop policy in regulatory and legislative areas. Andrea ensures that clients from each political side are well represented. Various national media organizations, including USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN have documented her role as a leading political strategist and fundraiser.

Andrea McWilliams has been involved in several initiatives. During the 81st Legislative Session, she passed $100 million in incentives in a bid to make Texas the first region with the most advanced clean coal power plant in the world. In 2007, she was recognized for her key role in saving a $3 billion package for cancer research.

She started her career at Public Strategies, Inc, an iconic firm, where she honed her grassroots skills in the private sector. In her career, Andrea McWilliams has received many awards. They include Profiles in Power by the Austin Business Journal and the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the Girl Scout of Central Texas honored McWilliams with the Woman Distinction Award. A couple of years ago, McWilliams received the Austin Under 40 Award, and was honored as a member of the Austin American-Statesman’s Glossy 8 list.

As a philanthropist, Andrea McWilliams has served as a board member of numerous organizations, including Mexi-Arte Museum, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Texas Lyceum, HeartGift, and Arthouse. She has also been a representative of KillCancer and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. These two foundations focus on preventing cancer by making people aware of their health.