Tarallucci e Vino and Other Restaurants with Great Private Rooms in New York City

New York City is home to many swanky restaurants which offer private and event rooms where patrons can hold special events such as birthdays, weddings, dinner or anniversaries. Aside from the accommodation, great food and fitting ambiance also play a big role in the overall assessment of these establishments. According to Goog.com, two of the best restaurants with great private rooms and event space in New York City include China Blue and Four Seasons Restaurant. China Blue on 135 Watts St. Tribeca is a new spot in the Tribeca area. The restaurant features an interior decor that contrasts between a lofty, classic downtown abode and imaginary jazz-age Shanghai.

The other outstanding features about China Blue include ornamental light fixtures, old-fashioned touches on various fixtures and bookshelves made of dark wood. The rooms are divided into several compartments that can play host to various events, including large and small parties. The Shanghainese menu in China Blue also comes with an amazing contrast that is sure to satisfy all your curiosities. The Four Seasons Restaurant is strategically housed in the Seagram Building on 99E. 52nd St. Midtown. The iconic establishment was designed by Philip Johnson in 1959 as evident with the presence of several decades old fixtures.

The fixtures include Philip Johnson bar stools and custom chairs as well as Japanese style pool and metal chain curtains. As one of New York City’s gastronomy gems, the audacious pool rooms at the Four Seasons restaurant have become a popular romantic spot for diners and eventful power lunches. Although prices are on the higher side, the establishment is usually packed with denizens from the Upper East Side and business class. Although private rooms here offer elegant spaces that can host various events, they are much more suitable for huge events such as graduation and engagement parties.

About Tarallucci e Vino
The other restaurant chain in New York that stands out as one of the best places to dine and host events for all occasions, from social gatherings to private business meetings is Tarallucci e Vino. According to Great Places Directory website, Tarallucci e Vino at Union Square is incredibly spacious and elegant. On the mezzanine floor, there are several small private rooms that can accommodate a sizable number of guests, between 30 and 70. The other features on this floor include a large lounge area, custom built brick tables and magnificent artworks.

The upper 6th floor of the restaurant can host big events such as business meetings and birthday parties for up to 120 guests. The main attractions here include fully-furnished bar, custom made tables, spacious lounge area and a set of stunning chandeliers. Guests also get to enjoy private dining, on-site multimedia infrastructure and handicap accessible amenities. The cuisine is at Tarallucci e Vino is Italian. The good reputation that Tarallucci e Vino has built over the years has earned it a lot of frequent guests and admirers. According to Taralluccievino.net, some of the prominent corporate guests include Facebook, Macy’s Spotify, Harvard, Rockwell and Pixar.


White Shark Media Is An Excellent Company For SEO Purposes

White Shark Media can be a tremendous resource for the online marketing of your business. The company can help you market your business in a variety of different ways. They are skilled at working with a wide variety of different types of businesses, such as law firms, e-commerce sites, medical practices, and pretty much any type of business that you can imagine.

Furthermore, the rates of White Shark Media are quite affordable, and this makes them accessible to businesses of all sizes. In addition to providing services of their own, White Shark Media helps businesses to advertise themselves using resources, such as Google AdWords.

Additionally, the company does quite a lot of business, and they have had many thousands of clients over the years. White Shark Media has been reviewed extremely well by many clients, and clients tend to be very pleased with the services offered. There are numerous positive experiences that clients have had, which you can read on the company’s website.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

When you first use the services of White Shark Media, they can evaluate the current standing of your site. In order to do this, they use advanced and accurate tools. This can help you to see what needs to be done, in order to improve your business’ website.

In addition to improving the search rankings of your website to all viewers, they can help to improve your search engine rankings specifically for local viewers. This can not only increase the traffic of your website, but they can help to drive in business from local customers.

In addition, White Shark Media has graphic designers that can improve the overall appearance of your website. Additionally, White Shark Media offers websites, through Triton Technologies. These websites are of an exceptionally high quality level. In addition, White Shark Media can help you with advertising through both Bing and Google AdWords.

White Shark Media can drastically improve your SEO strategy, and this can lead to dramatic increases in the amount of business you get. The pricing of the services from White Shark Media is variable, depending on the plan you get.

However, the prices are reasonable, considering the exceptionally high quality of services offered, along with the sheer number of different services offered by White Shark Media. It’s also very easy to get in touch with them, and the phone number is listed on the website. Additionally, when you give the company a call, they offer an evaluation for free.

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How Don Ressler is Shaping the Fitness Clothing Industry

In the competitive business world there are a select few people that stand out. With an impressive skillset in entrepreneurship, Don Ressler is certainly one of those people. His business acumen and successful start up’s are great examples of how a dedicated and talented individual can truly shape an industry.

Ressler began his business career by creating a series of profitable startup companies. One of his most successful startups that was created early on in his career was Intelligent Beauty. From the start, Don Ressler had a great eye in knowing what would be the next big thing. His startup companies are evidence.

Intelligent Beauty, one of Don Ressler’s most successful ventures, has taken the world by storm, creating a series of successful companies including the most recent – JustFab. JustFab is a fitness clothing service that offers trendy and stylish athletic clothing as a subscription service. The clothing is both stylish and affordable. Ressler gained inspiration for the idea in part from his wife, who alongside Ressler, is very fitness conscious. After seeing the high prices at many of the designer fitness outlets, Ressler and his wife wanted to make stylish fitness clothing affordable to everyone.

Don Ressler teamed up with another successful businessman, Adam Goldenberg. Together they realized that there was huge potential for JustFab. Soon after they met with Kate Hudson, who had a similar vision. The three of them created a fashion-lifestyle brand that has taken the online clothing world by storm. Ressler and his team decided that they wanted to create a brand that wasn’t specific to a certain aspect of the athletic world, but rather, they created a brand that encompasses all of the different athletic activities. By doing so, they have created a brand that appeals to thousands of women regardless of their fitness preferences.

With JustFab, Ressler and his team also wanted to ensure that everyone could access stylish fitness clothing. To ensure that this is possible, the clothes that are sold through the JustFab subscription service are affordable. By having a subscription model, women who may not have enough money for an entire wardrobe change all at once can enjoy slowly building their collection without having to pay a ton of money upfront. Likewise, Ressler’s team ensured that there are many different sizes available, ensuring that women of all levels of fitness are able to look great while working out.

NYC Remains Strong After Brexit

At the end of 2015 many reports and real estate professionals predicted that the long bull market in NYC real estate was likely to abate and have a downward trend. One of the leading research reports, The Aggregate, which is a quarterly report that summarizes data from NYC governmental bureaus and use their own internal experts to analyze and clarify these trends, identified weakness in Q4 of 2015 that indicated that existing inventory for NYC real estate was already in decline.

Now the tune of these professionals is changing and one report believes that there will be continued strength in the NYC real estate market for quite some time. Why the change in tune?

One can’t find fault with the report by Town Residential real estate who is not only one of the leaders of the NYC real estate market but also who does impeccable research on the NYC market to better serve their clients. No, in the short six months of 2016 the market has changed unpredictably and the NYC market for real estate has rebounded and is likely to expand further.

The cause of this is many outside influences that have impacted the way that investors view the NYC real estate market. Overall, people are flocking to the NYC real estate market as part of a flight to quality including a move towards bonds and stable company equities. Uncertainty caused by the sharp drop in oil prices, the decline in emerging markets, and the Brexit have all led investors to question whether these markets are in decline.

Not only are investors spooked, but so are government regulators. The Federal reserve boosted interest rates for the first time since 2006 in the 4th quarter of 2015 an additional increases were expected in 2016. With the market uncertainty noted above, it is now unlikely that they will boost interest rates at all in 2016. This uncertainty has led to lower borrowing costs for NYC real estate market buyers which as also contributed to demand.

However, it is the other intangibles that make NYC real estate attractive including the strong job market, high population growth, and urbanization that further serve as support for the NYC real estate market for years to come.  To learn more about NYC luxury real estate, visit Town Residential on their official website at http://www.townrealestate.com/.

A Guide to a Solid Online and Offline Better Reputation

A person is little more than the reputation he or she has with others. A reputation defines an individual and does either helpfully or cruelly. Forbes has published a solid article that details ten different steps that are deemed advisable to anyone hoping to improve a reputation.

The advice in the Forbes article is very simple to understand, but not always simple to put into practice. The article advises people to always meet their commitments, to be punctual, help others and make them look them best, dress for success, always maintain high levels of integrity, apply positive body language, be a pillar to the community, and always remain a likeable person.

All of these steps are going to yield good results. What they won’t do is improve bad things published in the search engines. Troubles with the search engines are going to require the help of a solid company such as Better Reputation. Better Reputation is a firm that seeks to make Google and the other search engines work for someone’s benefit and cause no harm.

The search engines are somewhat akin to a consumer profile. The listings in the search engine are more than just a directory of websites. A quick scan of the text in the listings tells people skimming the results a lot about the people and businesses behind the websites. Not everything listed in the search engines is going to reflect glowing commentary. Horrible reviews, snarky commentary, and attempts to harm a brand are sometimes packed into the first ten results. To say this is going to have a negative impact on a would-be patron falls under the category of major understatement.

Trying to fix the search engines by oneself is a bad idea. Only someone with legitimate skills and knowledge is going to be able to have a legitimate effect on a person or business’ reputation. Better Reputation is home to the skilled professionals who are able to make necessary fixes. The work may be intensive, but the effort is more than capable of delivering the necessary results.

And a good reputation ends up in tact.

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Securus Helps Me Make Video Calls To Jails

I have a couple friends in jail, and I figured out by reading articles from PR newswire that Securus could help me make the calls that I wanted to make. It was very easy for people to make calls over the system, and I was ready to have some good talks with these people. I wanted to be able to see them so that I could tell them that they had support on the outside, and I wanted to be able to see how they are doing. There are a lot of things that can be done to help them, and it is just a lot easier to demonstrate when you can see them.

There are a lot of people who need the Securus app, and I have told some people how to download it. There are a lot of things that they can do once they get the app, and they can easily figure out how to make a call to the right jail. All the jails are connected to the Securus America network, and they are video calls that are all made with the equipment that Securus put in. There are many people who are going to get much better service from this, and it will be easy for everyone who is in need.

People who are very in need can just download the app easily, and they will be able to see their friends just like that. It is a very simple thing for people to figure out, and it is a very nice way for people to see those that they love. Loved ones who are in jail are going to have a hard time getting through it unless they have someone they can look to on the outside, and that is why the Securus app is a major revelation for me and the family.



Articles from PR Newswire’s website


Danilo Diaz Granados Is An Expert In The Hispanic Investment Market

The Latino population in the United States has exploded over the last fifty years. In 1960, the Hispanic population was about six percent of the total population. In 2008, that number grew to 15 percent. In 2016, the estimated Hispanic population is more than 70 million, and that is not counting Puerto Rico. The Hispanic population is greater in California, Florida and urban areas of the Midwest, but even that fact is changing in 2016. Investment advisor Danilo Diaz Granados knows the depth of the Hispanic market. He has all the recent facts and figures. Danilo helps people invest in one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. Granados is currently an investment advisor with Fireman Capital Partners, but that’s not his only job. Danilo is a modern-day entrepreneur that specializes in the Hispanic luxury retail market.

According to CrunchBase, Granados graduated from Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts with a BS in Economics. He moved to Florida and discovered that the Hispanic retail market was primarily focused on people that were considered middle class. Granados decided to start a luxury boutique that catered to men that had money to burn. He called his new concept, Toys for Boys. His retail concept offered Hispanic men a place where they could buy expensive art, jewelry, exotic cars and other luxury items that were not available in the Hispanic market. Granados was working for a private equity firm at the time, so he had money to spend on inventory and that made a difference. His retail concept was a hit, and he decided to expand his entrepreneurial spirit.

Danilo is a film lover. He took several film course while he was in school. Granados thought a film company that focused on Hispanic interests and issues was long overdue, so he started Edge of Glory Films, a boutique film company that addressed Hispanic life in all parts of the world. Danilo was the editor, production director, distributor, and promoter for his film company. In 2015, Granados joined Fireman Capital Partners, but he still manages his other companies while he finds investments for his Hispanic clients.  Check out Danilo on social media, where he has a Twitter, and Instagram account.

What’s The Goal Behind Dr. Avi Weisfogel GoFundMe? Operation Smile

Dr. Avi Weisfogel recently organized an Operation Smile Benefit with a target of two thousand dollars. While this is the first GoFundMe campaign he’s dedicated to raising money for this particular charity, he’s made personal donations. The “Dental Sleep Masters” program founder strongly supports the Operation Smile philosophy. The charity operates globally helping children and young adults overcome their medical nightmares. With a committed network of trained medical professionals, including surgeons, nurses, etc., Operation Smile sponsors surgeries for free.

Operation Smile physicians perform surgeries to correct cleft lip/palate facial deformities and other medical conditions. What’s more, the organization partners with other non-profits, local medical practitioners, government agencies, and hospitals. The charity’s founders Dr. Bill Magee and his compassionate wife Kathy started the program in the Philippines. Today, it’s become a global outreach that has accomplished some 220,000 surgeries successfully. Apparently, Dr. Weisfogel feels passionate about helping others. He’s spent many years treating dental patients in New Jersey. He opened his own practice, Old Bridge Dental Care. In addition, he’s received accolades and awards, including the prestigious Consumer Research Council “best dentist” title Consumer Research Council.

Amazingly, Dr. Weisfogel has received his honor seven times consecutively. With the success he achieved managing his own practice, he launched Dental Sleep Masters. As an instructor of Dental Sleep Masters, he lectures practicing physicians about treating sleep disorders. The program addresses sleep apnea problems and a host of other dental-related afflictions. With treatment, Dr. Weisfogel has taken an individualized approach to address each patient’s condition.

On a monthly basis, Dr. Weisfogel completes 250-300 dental appliance treatment. In 1999, he decided to incorporate sleep therapy as part of his dental practice. A distinguished dental practitioner, Dr. Weisfogel received his BA from the renowned Rutgers University. He majored in psychology and biology. Additionally, NYU (New York University) College of Dentistry awarded him a doctorate. It’s amazing how Dr. Weisfogel balances his personal and professional life. In fact, he’s actively involved in sports, golfing and ski. In addition, he engages in a series of family activities and nurtures a strong bond with those closest to him.


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